Sheriff Bill Gore Endorses Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor of San Diego

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From Camp Dumanis:

San Diego County Sheriff and former FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Bill Gore today endorsed District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor of San Diego.

“Bonnie is the only candidate with the executive management skills and leadership to keep San Diego moving in the right direction,” said Gore. “As Sheriff, I’ve worked with her on some of the toughest criminal cases we’ve handled in the past eight years. Bonnie isn’t afraid to make the tough choices and hold people accountable. At the same time, she’s shown great compassion and extraordinary dedication to victims’ rights.”

Gore was appointed as the 29th Sheriff of San Diego County in 2009 and elected a year later in June 2010. He oversees one of the largest Sheriff’s Departments in the nation with 4,000 employees, an annual budget of over $600 million, and a service area of more than 4,200 square miles extending to a 60-mile international border. Previously, Gore was the Special Agent-in-Charge of the FBI’s San Diego Field Office and Chief of the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation.

“I’m honored to receive Sheriff Gore’s support,” said Dumanis. “He’s been a public safety partner for nearly a decade, working with the District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal level to keep San Diegans safe.”

“Bonnie is one of the main reasons law enforcement coordinates and cooperates so well in San Diego. She has the ability to bring people to the table, build consensus and get things done,” said Sheriff Gore. “I watched firsthand as Bonnie united a divided District Attorney’s Office and then brought important reforms to the organization.”

Bonnie Dumanis has also been endorsed by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts, San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer, former U.S. Congresswoman Lynn Schenk, San Diego Port Commissioner Laurie Black, Solana Beach City Councilman Dave Roberts, and Lemon Grove Mayor Mary Sessoms.

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  1. “Bonnie isn’t afraid to make the tough choices and hold people accountable. At the same time, she’s shown great compassion and extraordinary dedication to victims’ rights.”

    Please stop. The family of murder victim Diana Gonzalez marched from City College to Bonnie Dumanis’ office to get answers on why Dumanis failed to prosecute Armando Perez for the kidnapping and rape, 3 weeks before she was killed in Fall 2010. Dumanis blew the family off many times, and did not show “compassion and extraordinary dedication to victims’ rights” . Mainly the family wanted answers, and to work proactively with the District Attorney to change the culture to protect the innocent instead of worrying about keeping up Dumanis’ 94 percent Felony Conviction Rate. It is easy to have a high rate by dumping any Domestic Violent Felony case that is not a slam dunk, or which doesn’t have a full confession. Even with video evidence.

    Dumanis cited a lack of evidence and refused to talk with the victim’s family about the closed rape and kidnapping case that was dismissed without consulting the victim. There were 20 incidents of prior Domestic Violence on the Crime/Incident report, but Dumanis decided the 19-year old nursing student and mother was not credible compared to her violent 37-year old estranged husband.

    “At a news conference Wednesday, Dumanis said, “We don’t file cases where there is insufficient evidence to support a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.””

    Physical Evidence documented on the 13-Page San Diego Regional Crime/Incident Report includes the following statements from Police Officer Tangog :

    •I transported GONZALEZ to the Independent Forensics Services.
    All evidence was retained and impounded by Claire NELLI, RN.;
    •Officer Bartolomei processed GONZALEZ’ vehicle at her residence.
    See his report for further information.
    •Officer Mora impounded surveillance video from the EZ 8 Motel. See her report for further…
    FOLLOW-UP. At Detective Kindred’s discretion.”

  2. I would have been both surprised and disappointed if Gore had not joined the usual suspects in endorsing Dumanis. It just further solidifies that she’s just one of the good old boys who want the city and county to remain on autopilot — giving little more than lip service to the needed fiscal reforms.


    See Pages 8 to 13 of the Police Report, where the Police Officers involved URGED the District Attorney to prosecute. Because Diana Gonzalez had the opportunity to escape from her capture, and didn’t take it, was the reason for not believing her story of torture.

    The family still has no answers from Dumanis on the closed kidnapping and rape case.

  4. Gore endorses Dumanis…hahaha…what must that vetting process have loked like!?!?!

    1. Hates guns? Check.
    2. Hates individual rights? Check.
    3. Ignores requests to track terrorists who are training to fly a plane into a building full of civilians? Probably not, but that is so 2001 at this point.
    4. Won’t prosecute law enforcement for shooting unarmed women holding a baby? Better ask her about this one. It could prove to be…uhm…important to me.


    “Protest Against DA Bonnie Dumanis Mayoral Candidacy.

    San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has waged a fierce fight against medical marijuana for almost a decade, all while publicly stating she support medical use of cannabis. Her eradication effort has included raids on dispensaries, arrests of legitimate patients, and continued attempt to overturn state law.

    On Tuesday, June 28th, DA Dumanis will be kicking off her mayoral campaign with a fundraiser at the Electra Building in Dowtown San Diego. Join patients, advocates, concerned citizens, and the NOT DUMANIS Campaign as we rally/protest in front of the Electra Building in opposition to Dumanis’ mayoral candidacy and fierce fight against medical marijuana patients in San Diego.

    WHAT: Protest Against DA Bonnie Dumanis Mayoral Candidacy
    WHEN: June 28th – 5:30pm – 7:30pm
    WHERE: Electra Building – 700 West E Street San Diego, CA

    For more information, contact Eugene Davidovich –

  6. ………well the neophyte is back from the desert. Just collating polls on the impact of the lower mojave on san diego politik.

    Jack Rabbit polls will caution Bonnie to tread lightly on local endorsements. Mary Bono is about to open a leather boutique in Florida. Juan will be treated like King in the Imperial Valley.

    Robert Filner polling data indicates smooth sailing….Don’t feel bad Bonnie. we need you in the Romney administration.

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