Senator Mark Wyland endorses Marie Waldron for open 75th State Assembly seat

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North County’s senior state legislator, Sen. Mark Wyland, has endorsed Escondido City Councilwoman Marie Waldron for the open 75th State Assembly seat.   Redistricting and term limits place Escondido, Fallbrook, San Marcos , Valley Center (and Riverside County’s  Temecula) in a newly-numbered district with no incumbent.

Councilwoman Waldron is the only announced GOP candidate to date.   “I’ve known Marie for fifteen years,” said Senator Wyland in a prepared statement . “She has a proven track record as a true conservative – I trust her to go to Sacramento to fight against the tax and spend culture in Sacramento and to promote real job creating policies.”

Republicans out-number Democrats within the 75th Assembly by a  48%  to  26%  registration margin,  and last year Sen. Barbara Boxer lost the district 61% to 29% (!) to challenger Carly Fiorina.   That is seriously Republican territory…

SD Rostra readers can learn more  about the Marie Waldron for State Assembly campaign at her website.  It can be found here:

Hat Tip to Matt Rexroad for the AD 75 map graphic.


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