Senator Joel Anderson and Assemblyman Brian Jones Endorse Brian Maienschein for Assembly

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From the Maienschein campaign…

Dear Fellow Republican:

If you agree that we need more Republicans in Sacramento who will fight to eliminate the regulations and tax policies that are driving businesses and jobs out of California, please join us in endorsing Brian Maienschein for State Assembly in the 77th District.

As a City Councilman, Brian Maienschein worked closely with the business community, earning a 100% voting score from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and personally helping to grow local businesses and attract new ones. He stood up for open competition on construction projects to reduce taxpayer costs.

As you may know, Brian has a special relationship with the neighborhoods that comprise the 77th Assembly District. He grew up in this district and attended local schools, graduating from Poway High School. He graduated from UCSB and California Western School of Law. By a record margin, he was elected to represent the same communities on the city council in 2000, and reelected in 2004, where his leadership during the Cedar Fire in 2003 and the Witch Creek Fire in 2007 received widespread appreciation from constituents and public safety officials.

Recently, Brian helped to create a public-private partnership to address chronic homelessness in San Diego County, working with the private sector to provide individuals with a hand up, not a hand out. He also coaches his daughters’ soccer teams.

We can count on Brian Maienschein to support all the essential reforms we need, including public pension reform, reigning-in greedy special interests and fundamentally re-thinking the size, cost and role of state government.

With Republicans like Brian Maienschein in the legislature, we can reverse the anti-business climate in California and turn our state around.


Joel Anderson

Brian W. Jones


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  1. With the field as is he is certainly the guy to beat, but a well funded opponent will gut him on his pension votes.

  2. Brian Maienschein has to be one of the least qualified Republicans I can think of running for Assembly. Collecting a $25k pension at age 39, that he himself VOTED for???

    Few elected Republicans have been as damaging to San Diego or Republicans’ image in general as fiscal conservatives.

    The 77th district should produce an extremely conservative candidate that can be counted on to hold the line on spending for California. Not some moderate who has been a union stooge in the past.

    It’s extremely disappointing to see Joel Anderson endorse him.

  3. I’m embarrassed for Joel. I WOULD be for Jones, but I don’t know him.

    This is a CRAZY endorsement. Brian Maienschein was a big player in the pension mess in San Diego. From a fiscal standpoint, he did almost nothing right while serving on the San Diego City Council.

    Maienschein has been (and, I suspect, will be) supported by some or all of the public employee labor unions. He’s the ideal RINO Republican the unions need to get their deadly 2/3 legislative majority — so they can complete the fiscal destruction of CA state AND LOCAL governments.

    Seldom can the unions hope to win a safe Republican district. This is one instance where their GOP Trojan Horse is now being placed with endorsements inside this Republican bastion.

    These ill-considered endorsements are sad to see — and scary.

  4. If Maienschein gets this the Demos will laugh until their sides hurt and the Third Party people will shout out vociferously, “See it is true, the Republican Party is the Dumb Party.” There will be no where to hide. “OH Shoeless Joe, say it ain’t so.”

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