SDPD Officer: Mayor Gloria is willing to fire nearly 1,000 city employees for refusing vaccine

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The following was written by a police officer with 10 years of service to the City and the citizens of San Diego. SD Rostra is honoring the officer’s request for anonymity.

Mayor Todd Gloria and the San Diego City Council have enacted a dangerous vaccine mandate that puts the citizens of San Diego in jeopardy. The mandate will terminate about 500 San Diego Police Department (SDPD) officers, 100 San Diego Fire Department (SDFD) firefighters, 20 911-Dispatchers and several hundred civilian employees including trash collectors, city maintenance workers, librarians, water plant engineers, and dozens of other categories of employees who make the City of San Diego function daily.

San Diego City Human Resources (HR) first pushed out a survey to all 11,000 City employees in late August which forced them to disclose their vaccination status. The survey stated failure to complete the survey could result in discipline up to and including termination. The survey also stated submission by employees would be confidential and records would only be maintained within HR. Approximately 150 SDPD officers refused to submit the survey noting it violates their medical rights. Of the 700 who did answer the survey, 333 officers stated they would rather be terminated than obey a City/Department order to receive the vaccine. And 479 officers stated they would consider leaving SDPD if the vaccinations become mandatory.

Shortly after the survey deadline, another email was sent forcing those who did not complete the first survey to complete an additional survey. Again, this survey stated failure to comply with the survey could result in discipline up to and including termination.

Following the deadline of the second survey, another email was sent to employees requiring those who submitted “unvaccinated status” to wear masks, with those submitting “vaccinated status” not having to wear a mask. Masks were required indoors, in the workplace and in city vehicles. Masks were not required for individuals with a private office. This is clear discrimination.

Shortly thereafter, SDPD supervisors were given access to the officers’ survey submissions. HR lied. SDPD supervisors were seen and heard across the Department harping on unvaccinated officers to put on their masks. Supervisors were seen with clipboards and notepads taking notes on who was not following orders. Some officers refused to mask up and were given discipline. Others complied out of fear of discipline.

The city sent another email to employees in September stating they must submit proof of vaccination by November 1 or face termination. This is when the real panic began with SDPD, SDFD, and non-sworn employees.

The city was forcing a deadline without allowing for religious or medical exemptions pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This Federal Law allows for religious and medical exemptions in times of government mandates. It protects individuals under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to provide fair and equal employment rights. The city quickly realized its mistake and pushed the proof of vaccination deadline to December 1, 2021.

Currently, the city is expected to release templates for medical and religious exemptions on November 1. the city is expected to review each exemption on a case-by-case basis and then approve or deny the request.

SDPD and SDFD have retained several lawyers and firms that are assisting with the medical and religious exemptions. Should the city deny any exemptions, the attorneys will file lawsuits on behalf of the employees for Civil Rights violations.

The city is clearly not in its collective right mind. City leaders have not considered the fiscal impact of losing 1,000 employees. The average employee with 10 years of service has approximately $100,000 in their respective retirement accounts. These accounts are managed by the city like a bank manages a customer’s account. The money is played in the stock market in hopes of capital gains, with the city benefitting.

Imagine if one thousand employees take their retirements upon termination. Then image if those employees file class action lawsuits for Civil Rights violations and wrongful termination. Can the city really afford that financial burden? It would likely be in the hundred of millions of dollars.

At a time with increased homeless population, rising crime, including gun-related crime, gang-related crime, shootings, stabbings, and rampant drug use on the streets, the City of San Diego will be in ruins if a thousand employees are cut.

Losing 500 police officers, 100 firefighters and 20 911-Dispatchers will increase response time and cause very long delays when citizens call for help. Police will not have the staffing to respond to property crimes including burglaries, vehicle thefts, and trespassing.

San Diego is currently experiencing violent crimes in its tourist locations like the Gaslamp District, Balboa Park, Belmont Park and Petco Park. The city will likely raise taxes to offset the lack of tourism.

The city and the labor unions have been in ongoing negotiations, but they are not relaying updates to employees. We have been left in the dark with our futures unknown. We don’t know if the city will allow alternatives to the vaccine like Covid testing, or if this is an “all or nothing” move.

The City of San Diego needs your help. Call or write to Mayor Gloria’s office and demand he lift the vaccination mandate.

San Diego City Employees only have until December 1. Please call or write to Gloria today. Your safety and the safety of San Diego depend on it.

Mayor Todd Gloria’s contact information:
202 C Street, 11th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101


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  1. ReOpen San Diego is hosting a Press Conference on Friday, October 22 at San Diego City Hall.

    Speakers include:

    Spouses of San Diego Police Department Officers
    9-1-1 dispatchers

    They will speak about how the city will be hurt if 1000 people are fired on December 1 by Mayor Todd Gloria for not submitting to the mandate,

    For more information, please go to:

  2. Mayor Gloria, I am saddened to hear about your latest mandate. You above all should be seeking freedom and justice and a right to personal freedom – you know what it feels like to have this done to you and any poor or minority person. We only have this freedom as a God given right in this country and the right to our blood stream and our freedom to choose is what you are voting for and working at trying to force this upon our defenders and civil servants.

    Please revisit this position in your heart – Be courageous to read the reports on how injurious this is for our personal health and freedom.

    Cordially, Barbara L. Summer

  3. This mandate is clearly an intentional act to make America’s Finest City like the now dystopian cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Loosing valuable key employees that keep people safe and our city beautiful is a way to bring in external control to our city when the inevitable destruction of persons and property occurs. Will police, firefighters and other city employees be replaced? Will it begin with National Guard and FEMA and then NATO personnel? After all, if chaos ensues and we cannot manage ourselves, that will be the next move as we have seen in other cities that have fired personnel for standing up for freedom and bodily autonomy.

    Consider the monumental cost to us citizens for the lawsuits that the City of San Diego will undergo and loose. We will pay the price not only in loss of quality of life but through exorbitant additional taxation. And we have learned that in certain cities those that come in to replace fired employees at this time are not required to be vaccinated.

  4. Police are supposed to protect and serve. All this article states is the writer and others are unwilling to protect the public from coronavirus by taking the necessary precautions. The author admits the unvaccinated were unwilling to wear masks and take precautions then bemoans discrimination. It is the penning of a toddler throwing a tantrum who clearly believes being law enforcement exempts them from following any rules themself. Shameful!

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  6. Jenna Lang:
    When someone finishes their argument with “Shameful!” that is a sure sign of someone who has just finished a judgmental rant.

    It is time to honor those who have gotten Covid from being a first responder and being on the front lines and recovered instead of firing them over a shot that only lasts 3-5 months.

    People who do not want the vaccine for religious or personal reasons are not “toddlers.”

    If you think you will win people over by shaming, discriminating, bullying, and firing them you are the one on the wrong side of history.

    It is time we all as a country stand up for those who were actually working during the pandemic instead of collecting paychecks and hiding in their homes watching Netflix and CNN.

  7. Jenna Lang writes opposing “…law enforcement exempts them from following any rules themself.”

    Ms. Lang do you believe all laws are just?

    You would have opposed MLK and his peaceful march in Birmingham?

    You would have been on the side of the eight white pastors who publicly castigated King in the newspaper?

    I think the difference between Ms. Lang and the Mayor and this policeman is on the subject of natural rights.

    Do they exist or do they not?

    If we are endowed with them it is the fundamental role of government to secure them.
    Full stop.

    If inalienable rights do not exist and my rights are privileges granted by the state then Ms. Lang has a point. If we are all created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights then we should recognize Todd Gloria and Ms. Lang’s thoughts on political philosophy for what they are. Hobbes, Rousseau and Marx wrapped as one.

  8. Serious question: Can someone please point me to a religious doctrine or teaching that makes it objectionable to take a vaccine? I understand medical exemptions, but I haven’t read anything from any organized religion that forbids the taking of a vaccine.

  9. I would like to know where there are religious grounds to NOT be vaccinated….? Quote chapter and verse and from which Bible…?

  10. Hypocrisy,

    “Can some please point me to a religious doctrine or teaching that makes it objectionable to take a vaccine?”

    Good question although I am not necessarily comfortable with its emphasis on the individual as opposed to the magistrate. The question assumes the magistrate has authority to initiate force on an individual.

    Ayn Rand wrote, “Don’t grant the enemy his premise”.

    Discussing vaccination from the stand point of your question grants the enemy his premise. It assumes the magistrate has legitimate authority to use coercion upon the individual he/she serves.

    I don’t believe that position is moral or ethical or can be defended from Scripture.

    Biblically, the magistrate is depraved as I (Rom 3:23) with but breadth in his nostrils (Isa 2:22). Only Christ’s jurisdiction is unlimited. Christ doesn’t have a separate ethic for magistrates.

    When it comes to historic Christianity force/sword are associated with defense of just law. Defensive (negative) use of law as opposed to positive or progressive.

    In order for my act to be Christian it must be consistent with the nature of Christ. That is, the magistrate must operate out of his proper jurisdiction. Defense of rights. Limited. His action must be “on Christ’s shoulders” in order to have authority.

    I have authority in my home but I forfeit that authority when I tell my children to burglarize my neighbor’s home. (Family Government)

    My pastor has authority but loses it when he teaches unsound doctrine. (Church Government).

    Same with the office of magistrate and Romans 13. The authority is limited to that which is “good” and consistent for “God’s Ministering Servant”.

    Now to your point, is there a religious doctrine I can point to?

    No. There is not. I have the liberty to do to my body what I will but neither my neighbor nor my magistrate have authority to deny my natural rights.

    The issue here is the jurisdiction of the magistrate and our highest law.

    If our “Caesar” is the DOI and U.S. Constitution then the magistrate must
    refer to the enumerated power and support his position. He cannot.

    “Self-Evident Truth”
    “All men created equal”
    “Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”
    “to secure these…just governments are instituted”

    These ideas flow from “the laws of nature and Nature’s God”. That is, Biblical and natural law. Billy Graham and Ayn Rand. Believer and unbeliever coexisting in peace under a just and transcendent law. The law in Athens should match that of Jerusalem. (Cicero).

    If you and I are equals, each with unalienable gifts of life, liberty and property, it follows that it is immoral for me to initiate force to deny you of such. It is the role of a just government to oppose you and secure my right. That’s how it’s supposed to operate.

    Back to your question.

    I don’t stand on the religious exemption because I don’t grant my neighbor his premise that he has a right to coerce me nor encroach on my God given unalienable rights. That is a theologically consistent position.

    Two, it would be hypocritical for me to claim a religious exemption while simultaneously denying Christ with regard to state education (5th Commandment), foreign wars (6th Commandment) and Fed counterfeiting (8th Commandment). Not to mention allowing the state an unconstitutional tithe that far exceeds 10%.

    Biblical Christianity is not conservative. It is radical. (Schaeffer).

  11. Take the vaccine! Quite being scared ! It’s fine! quit drinking the Trump cool aid ! Even Trump took the vaccine!

  12. Eric,

    I can easily understand your point but I think you would agree that the government does have a role in defending me from the actions of others. In fact, this may be their primary role. I also believe a legitimate case can be made (you can probably make a case in opposition too) that those not getting vaccinated are endangering those who do either directly through breakthrough infections or indirectly by allowing the virus to continue to mutate potentially into a more virulent strain. By my way of thinking, choosing not to be vaccinated is not a victimless act and the government does have a right to intervene.

    Back to my original question, for those who want to claim a religious exemption, what religious text are citing?

  13. This mandate is wrong. “Science” does not know long-term issues with this new vaccine. All others had to go through 7-10 years of trials for FDA approval. With COVID having a 99% recovery in under 40 why in the world would someone healthy “try” this? It makes no sense. It is downright criminal to force it on kids.

  14. YouFriend, It used to take us a lot longer to do many things. I give President Trump a lot of credit for removing bureaucratic red tape and getting us a life-saving vaccine faster than had ever been done before.

  15. If those who believe the government has the “right” to force one to be vaccinated may I remind you that our government is secular, all due respect to Mr. Anderson. Here is a link to the full text of The Constitution: This document declares the power of the government and of the people. Period, end of discussion.

    If, indeed, the government wishes for me to be vaccinated to protect others, which is what I read many of you saying, then it must pass a law (using the process laid down for passing laws). Once again, period, end of discussion. The President of the United States, the Governors of the States, etc. have all had plenty of time to propose legislation to address this issue, yet we have seen none of them do so. They all prefer “mandates” as it permits them to wield power absent consent a la dictators.

    My question is, what is next after mask and vaccination mandates designed to “protect others”? If you don’t leave your home early enough during natural disasters and cause others harm by clogging the roads, do you lose your job or your insurance doesn’t have to pay for your home being lost? If you don’t clear your land and a wildfire uses the fuel on your land to burn your neighbor’s home, do you lose your job? If you speed and cause an accident, do you lose your job? Most important, of course, do we return to the primary reasons many left Europe to establish this nation in the first place, e.g. if you are the wrong religion (or no religion at all) and/or you are of the wrong political party (or of no political party at all), do you lose your job?

    Of course, many will say, it will never go that far. Did any of you ever imagine it would go this far?

  16. From everything I have read, this is a very scary time but it appears we are willingly accepting the globalist federal, state and local agendas changing our country so rapidly. Whatever happened to We the People?
    sharing 3 items –

    (1) regarding this covid ‘vaccine’. Attaching the link to a very well researched factual article from The North American Law Center. (There is more information on their web site including the form on parental & student rights)

    (2) This link is the form for the Individual Declaration of Faith Based Exemption

    (3) Excerpt from article (see link to article below)
    “…Mr. Biden’s patience wore thin and then mandates were forced — take the jab or lose your job. Your choice. Oh — except for Congress, congressional staffers, the US Judicial branch, White House Staff, CDC employees, FDA employees, postal workers, NIAID employees, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson employees, FEMA workers and illegal aliens — they’re all exempt from the jab mandates. Those “mandates,” by the way, are NOT the law. No such “law” exists…”

  17. Attaching the link to a very well researched factual article from The North American Law Center.
    This link is all those who want this form – Individual Declaration of Faith Based Exemption
    Also – FYI – Excerpt from article (see link below)
    “…Mr. Biden’s patience wore thin and then mandates were forced — take the jab or lose your job. Your choice. Oh — except for Congress, congressional staffers, the US Judicial branch, White House Staff, CDC employees, FDA employees, postal workers, NIAID employees, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson employees, FEMA workers and illegal aliens — they’re all exempt from the jab mandates. Those “mandates,” by the way, are NOT the law. No such “law” exists…”

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