SD Rostra

SD Press Club Awards … Rostra’s Barry Jantz, Gayle Falkenthal, Jim Sills, Bradley Fikes and Richard Rider are named among the 2011 Honorees!

The San Diego Press Club has released preliminary winners for its “Excellence in Journalism Awards” of 2011.  And fully five Rostrafarians are named for 1st, 2nd or 3rd-place recognition!   (The Press Club Awards Dinner will be held October 25th in Balboa Park’s famous Hall of Champions).

The Fab Five include  Gayle Falkenthal, Barry Jantz, Jim Sills, Bradley Fikes and Richard Rider.   More information about the Press Club event and awards can be found here.  Hat Tip to Gayle Falkenthal for putting SD Rostra on the map with the Press Club, and to the Mighty Thor and his Assistant, for making SD Rostra possible in the first place.  Well done, Big Guys!

Congratulations also to Don Sevrens, whose 44-year career at the U-T will be recognized with the prestigious “Harold Keen Awardnamed for San Diego’s all-time Journalistic Icon.  The full list of Honorees is here:

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