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Scott Peters looking for votes in all the wrong places

You know things are tight in the CA-52 race when Scott Peters is trying to get my vote. I’ve been registered GOP since 18 and since I got off of active duty (too much overseas time) I know I voted in every election. Election campaigns usually focus on Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts of their political base, so I know I can’t be showing up on Peters’ rolls. But the other night I get a call to be on a teleconference with Peters and got the email below. These actions may be indicators that Peters’ Democratic base can’t be relied on to carry the election. If he is going for a 100% show-up, registered GOP voter it’s easy to surmise that his campaign is unsure of the independent vote as well. So it looks like he’s reaching out to any voters he can.

Things are moving pretty fast around here.

But, there’s one thing we know for sure: Carl DeMaio’s divisive agenda is wrong for San Diego. Scott Peters’ commitment, consistency and independence are just what San Diegans need and deserve from their Congressman.

That’s why we’re determined to build Scott the strongest people-powered campaign San Diego has ever seen. But to do that, we need to know one thing: are you in?

Elliot, click here to automatically sign your name and help Scott reach 10,000 strong from San Diego and beyond standing behind him in 2014 >>

If you want to help Scott fight for commonsense solutions, add your name right now and say you’re in for his 2014 campaign against Carl DeMaio.

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San Diego for Scott

Elliot Schroeder is Vice-Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego.

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