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Living in CA-52, I posted before how Scott Peters was calling me, a registered Republican that votes in every election. Yesterday, they took it up a notch. I saw a Scott Peters flyer at my house and my wife (also registered Republican) said a precinct walker came to our house. It wasn’t a random door-to-door, they had our names and a clipboard and asked if we are voting for Peters. My wife said no, and they logged it on their sheet. Makes me wonder if they’re planning repercussions after the election!(/sarcasm)

This also comes after seeing everyday an email from the Peters campaign showing up in my junk email. I never subscribed for this so they must have it from the registrar of voters. These emails are more partisan usually warning of Boehner coming to town or attacking abortion then asking for micro-donations.

What this campaigning tells me:
– Peters campaign recognizes that a GOTV of Democrats won’t do it.
– Independents are either not enough or not enthusiastic enough to vote for Peters
– Peters is hoping to find the angry GOP social voters that Eric Andersen addressed
– Peters is spending a lot of his remaining on hand moneyon a variety of campaign tactics if he’s willing to chase GOP votes.

Elliot Schroeder is acting Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego.


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  1. The Dems are diving in like the vultures we know they are. All the anti-gay sentiment emitting from the Republican party has become fresh road kill in their eyes. Of course they are hungry for more votes.

    This is no different than Carl DeMaio now proclaiming he is an INDEPENDENT. Now if Carl had said that all along perhaps the boisterous conservatives would support him and the Dems would not be on the hunt for new blood.

    Closing the gap between the two is going to get very interesting. Both candidates are going in for the kill. It’s not going to be pretty.

    We still have 26 days and the Dems have raised a ton of money to dump into any race they see fit. Look at what Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins has raised alone and she is not going after her own opponent Barbara Decker. Follow the money. The Dems are feeling confident.

    My guess is Peters is going to get all sorts of contributions from other Dems and his party to support his race. They will outspend Carl in order to win all those walking wounded Republicans.

    Now why would any fiscal conservative vote for Scott Peters? Money will buy this election — guaranteed!

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