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SB829 a fight between Sacramento and local control of our economy

Guest Commentary
by Scott Crosby

Yesterday, the California State Assembly approved SB829 sponsored by the State Building & Construction Trades Unions. The bill is an attempt to limit state funds paid to any charter city that enacts restrictions on project labor agreements – including initiatives approved by charter city voters.  The bill has serious constitutional defects, and each charter city has some form of exemption that mitigates the risk of losing state funds, but the debate is a fascinating proxy fight between those who favor Sacramento’s control vs local control of our economy.  This five minute video of Assemblymember Shannon Grove during the debate is an example of what life is like in the Assembly for free market reformers in California.

While zero Democrats in the Assembly or Senate agree with Shannon, the voters do. In November 2010, San Diego County’s version of this fair and open competition ordinance passed with 76% of the vote and won every precinct in San Diego County. Shannon represents part of the Central Valley where fair and open competition in construction is considered the best value for the taxpayer.

Many thanks to our local Assembly Members Jones, Garrick, Fletcher, and Harkey, and Senators Anderson and Wyland, who oppose this type of legislation and defend the rights of charter cities to enact fiscal reforms.

See Assemblymember Martin Garrick’s U-T San Diego Op Ed on the issue.

See Assemblymember Brian Jones’ KUSI interview.

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Scott Crosby is President and CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors, San Diego Chapter. ABC has 74 chapters across the country representing 22,000 contractors.

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