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San Diego Democrats Request Recount, Suspect Election Fraud

Yesterday, the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party, Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, sent a letter to Michael Vu, the Registrar of Voters of San Diego County. In that letter, he requested a recount for the District 4 Election for Santee City Council.

Mr. Rodriguez-Kennedy first asked to see all of the rejected mail-in ballots and provisional ballots, including the ballot envelopes which held them. He believes that a portion of those ballots can be validated and should be added to the election canvass. He also wants to inspect all of the damaged or “remade” ballots (sometimes called “cured” ballots) and wants to match them up to the precinct voter rolls. Finally, he requests the “raw data” (rather than proprietary reports) for the voter database, ballot envelopes, polling place logs, surveillance video recordings, chain of custody logs, and logs for election-related storage areas while the Registrar performs a full-hand recount of all the ballots.

Does the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party suspect election fraud? Of course, or he wouldn’t be asking to inspect all the source material he requested. When I asked him if he suspected fraud, he replied:

“We are aware that there are a number of uncounted ballots that I have directed to be reviewed and in an election this close it is reasonable to recount and assure people of the strength of our electoral process.”

Bravo Mr. Rodriguez-Kennedy! I agree! WAS there election fraud in San Diego County? Absolutely. When so many voters cast mail-in ballots for which “ballot harvesting” is permitted, there will be fraudulent ballots. We have been told by Democrats for over a decade now that mail-in ballots are 100 percent safe. Yesterday, they started singing a different tune.

Mr.  Rodriguez-Kennedy is absolutely, positively correct — this is a close election and the propensity for election fraud was heightened this year. The Registrar should perform a recount in which the video surveillance, voter rolls, and mail-in ballots are inspected, re-inspected, and counted by hand… in the presence of representatives from each campaign and the local Democratic and Republican parties.

The legislatures of Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada should do the same thing for the Presidential elections in those states … this time without denying the election observers full access to every single ballot, to be inspected for its validity and while it is counted.

Donald Trump won this election. Joe Biden’s team cheated. Everyone knows that election fraud was rampant in 2020... just ask the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party.

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