San Diego City Mayor’s Race Part 1

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Anyone who watches as much tv as I do was bound to see ads this election season for Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher. There were a good number of them, and on broadcast. Fletcher is in a safe Republican seat so I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. Then it hit me a few days ago: Fletcher can’t use the money he raises for his state elections in city elections (the state allows corporate contributions, the city does not). In essence, these were the first ads of the 2012 Mayor’s race.


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  1. I’ve seen the polling. Nathan is way way in the back of the field — a crowded field at that. But that won’t stop the downtown establishment and Jerry’s team from talking him into the race. Pretty sad. If he stays in Sacramento for a few more cycles and waits, he could end up picking up a nice congressional seat.

  2. Yawn:

    If you can, share with Rostra readers what the
    polling says… ..who is in the 1st tier, who is in
    the 2nd tier?

  3. I hope Fletcher considers Christine Kehoe’s state Senate seat for 2012 (she’s termed out). He’s got the bi-partisan support with Chelsea’s law and it would be a valuable pickup for the GOP. US Congress would also be a great fit for him.

    I think he’d lose in a bid for Mayor as he is widely perceived as another Jerry Sanders and doesn’t have the financial background to lead the charge in reforming the city’s fiscal troubles.

  4. There’s good news and bad news for Richard Rider. The
    good news is: he is ahead of Kim Tran. The bad news is,
    he is behind Naomi Bar Lev.

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