Ruth Sterling “Opts Out” Against Art Madrid

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After causing a bit of a buzz last week when she pulled papers to “consider” running against La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid, Councilmember Ruth Sterling got what many knew she would from the beginning: Cold feet.

Sterling did not file her candidacy paperwork by Friday’s 5 p.m. deadline, leaving only realtor Laura Lothian in the race against Madrid.  Lothian has even less of a chance than Sterling ever did to unseat the longtime incumbent.

What’s interesting is that Sterling and Lothian are said to have had a lengthy meeting earlier this week to determine if one of them would leave the race. If true, the fact that an 18-year incumbent councilwoman would step aside for a short-term La Mesa resident that no one knows outside the La Mesa Village speaks loads about someone’s cluelessness.

Madrid will easily win a sixth term in November.


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  1. A more pertinent question might be, if Ruth’s withdrawal “speak loads” about her “cluelessness,” what does Art’s reelection (given all that’s known about him!) say about the citizens of La Mesa?

  2. At least there is a DE FACTO “dump Madrid” option on the ballot. Yeah, he’ll win, but one can cast a protest vote — better than just leaving the ballot blank.

    I wish we Californians had NOTA on the ballot — “none of the above.” Nevada and one other state offer this option.

    Ideally, if NOTA got a majority of votes in an election, a new election would be held that would forbid the current candidates from running again. The Nevada version of NOTA lacks such teeth, as I recall.

    BTW, the way to significantly reduce the cost of elections is to go to the mail ballot. Oregon has used only mail ballots for years and they find it works well.

  3. Agreed. But to work, I think NOTA assumes a degree of public awareness (that likely doesn’t exist).

  4. Wait a minute, Richard. I resent that! As a born and bred Californian, I will insist that my state takes second to none in it’s disproportionately high ratio of demented, drug induced, carnally indulged citizens.

  5. I disagree with your comment “Lothians has less of a chance winning”. I have been a resident of La Mesa for 14 years and SD Native,and it is time for La Mesa to get some new faces and someone who is a visionary as Laura. If you see how many endorsements she has already received I think this is the year for change and La Mesa needs one. Art has been a good Mayor but even politicians get stale with time and he has done some pretty embarassing things that brought us residence of a great city shame. If you have facts on why Laura doesnt have a chance then state those but to make a statement like that with no proof is just bad journalism.

  6. Bad journalism? This is a blog, with opinions. Mr. Larkin has noted his. So have you. Thanks for doing so.

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