Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is both a loss and a legal opportunity

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Count us proud that longtime SD Rostra writer Brian Brady was asked by The San Diego Union-Tribune to provide a Republican perspective on the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The SDUT asked various San Diegans to write about her passing. Below is a link to Brady’s commentary.

Commentary: I’m a Republican. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is both a loss and a legal opportunity.

The passing of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is truly a loss for the country. Her 27 years on the Supreme Court were marked by a passionate defense of civil liberties and a commitment to civil discourse, the latter being evident by her close friendship with the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. As a lifelong Republican, I admired her for both.

Read it all here.



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