Rubin Mail: The Right Plan to Fight Illegal Immigration

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Here’s one from Christine Rubin in AD 77…


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  1. Classic BS. My two opponents have done nothing about illegal immigration, she says. They are on local city councils! What has Rubin done about it? Nothing as well. Oh, she had her picture taken at the border for a mailer.

  2. Haha this is a classic.

    Question: what have you done, Christine?
    Answer: Nothing

    Good looking mailer though.

  3. Chris Rubin helped recall from office the Governor (Gray Davis) who signed the California Drivers Licenses-for-undocumented Aliens bill.

    That looks like “something” to me !

  4. Christine, you are better than this. I can say first hand that the City of Santee has a policy to call Border Patrol right away if illegal aliens are in city limits. They are also not hanging out at Home Depot like other cities around San Diego. Other than that what else can a city councilman do.

  5. Jim Sills,

    Wow, that is quite a stretch there. By that measure everyone who signed the recall petition has helped stopped illegal immigration. Did Christine check to see if Brian or Bill had signed to recall Davis?

    Or for that matter, anyone who ever voted for a politician who wanted to secure the border has done “something” to stop illegal immigration.

    Gimme a break.


  6. Christine Rubin was a major staffer for the “Rescue California’
    committee founded by Rep. Darrell Issa. That is the group
    which obtained about 3/4 of the signatures for the recall.

    She took plenty of incoming flack and heat in that campaign,
    and did her job very well. See my column below about that campaign year of 2003.

    Gray Davis’ signature on the Drivers Licenses bill was a
    major factor in the Recall.

  7. Jim,

    My main problem with the mailer is not whether or not she helped to recall Davis, this is indisputable, its whether or not “the other two politicians have done nothing.”

    If you think supporting the recall effort amounts to fighting illegal immigration then everyone who signed the petition also helped fight illegal immigration. Bill and Brian may have signed it which is why I posed the question if Christine checked with them. If she didn’t then this is just a typical politician grandstanding.

    Its a good looking mailer that will undoubtedly sway some voters but anyone who actually follows political races will be able to see right through this.


  8. The following statement was made in an earlier post:

    ……..”Question: what have you done, Christine?
    ……..”Answer: Nothing”

    In fact Christine Rubin did something substantial about it,
    and I watched in-person as she did so with courage and
    skill. She walked-the-walk when the consensus of
    Informed Opinion was that the Gray Davis recall had no
    chance of succeeding and was a conservative pipe dream.

    She played a valuable role in making that dream into a
    reality. That is useful evidence about what she would
    do if elected to the State Assembly.

  9. Jim,

    If opposing a liberal dem’s stances on immigration or supporting a conservative repub’s stances on immigration constitutes doing “something” to fight illegal immigration then I think its fair to say that all of the candidates (and pretty much EVERY Republican voter) have done “something” at one point or another to protect the border.

    Applying your argument in defense of what Christine has done (or not done) also supports what Brian and Bill have done on immigration which is why Christine’s claim that the two “have done nothing” is bogus.


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  11. Jim,

    Come on!
    This turns off more voters than she will get with the mailer. I think she would do better at running a clean race and not attacking “our team.” There is not one thing wrong with the other 2 candidates for the 77th to deserve this. They are both ethical and if elected would be just fine. Even on the issue of immigration. I could see if she was running against an open-border Democrat. Check out what else she says about them.

  12. How do you know a Political Mailing is Effective?

    When supporters of other candidates can’t stop talking about it !

    Thanks to Thor’s Assistant for posting the PDF of the Rubin Immigration brochure in the first

  13. Justin,
    Perhaps you did not receive the “hit piece” that Bill Wells did against Brian Jones last week on tax increases. It was an actual “hit piece” not a simple sentence…

    I can scan it for posting if Thors Assistant will allow it to be posted.


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