“Rostra” Readers heard Loud and Clear Today at Cathy Glaser’s Retirement Party

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The plaudits Rostra readers gave Cathy Glaser the past two days were read aloud this afternoon at a moving ceremony in the Registrar of Voters office. Registrar Deborah Seiler and other executives spoke of the Rostra tribute page, and even read several comments aloud from our readers. Husband Bob Glaser, son Danny and daughter Emily also proudly watched and listened.

Your Humble Servant also spoke to a crowd of over 100, expressing the gratitude, respect and love felt by all in the election community for this matchless public servant.

There were audible gasps when the crowd heard Richard Rider had finally found a public employee worthy of praise (OK, I do exaggerate a little on that one).

Registrar Seiler presented a Board of Supervisors proclamation declaring this “Cathy Glaser day” in San Diego county. Representatives of the 18 county cities, and their city clerks, also made a presentation and thanked Cathy for her decades of help.

The words which were repeated through the hour-long ceremony were “patience“, “wisdom“, “dedication”, “humor” and “hard work.”

When all was said, and the cake-cutting began, there was a general realization that we had been in the presence of Royalty for so many years. All Hail, Cathy the Great !

And So say we All.


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