Rostra apologizes for article about alleged affair

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Some SD Rostra readers were apparently offended by an article posted yesterday about a possible extra-marital affair between two State Republican leaders.

We’re sorry that Rostra would ever run a piece about a subject that makes people uncomfortable. We know readers would rather not talk about sex and stuff. We know, it’s the two officials’ personal business, not the public’s.

Sorry as well to those of you incapable of connecting the dots. Maybe you should read the articles posted here since then, related to Chad Mayes’ support for Cap and Trade.

Oh, and if you think it’s a salacious story that only a cheap blog would touch, we do see the SacBee is now on it.

Again, we apologize. Not.

Carry on.


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  1. The reports of a possible extra marital affair between Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes and former leader Kristin Olsen is newsworthy to politics because in Sacramento when a republican has an affair the Dems own them. They become neuterized leaders.

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    From Dan Brennan on Facebook…

    If someone is going to make a solemn promise to voters it is quite relevant to discuss their track record keeping the other solemn promises and vows they have made in their life. Shallow narcissists who are consumed by a lust that goes beyond their lust for fame and power are very predictable in their actions and behaviors in everything they do. So yes, while affairs like these are unpleasant to read about, the messy affairs are quite relevant to discussion of public policy decisions that they have been entrusted with.

  3. Never underestimate the right’s ability to throw others under the bus. The Nathan Fletcher affair lived on only in GOP whisper circles and never made it to the press, probably because he’s a Dem. Republicans love to eat their own. Not to excuse the alleged behavior though.

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    More from Dan Brennan…

    Many years ago, in the days when the GOP was relevant in the legislature someone told me about a GOP member who was seen pocketing his wedding ring on his way into a lobbyist event near the Capitol, and later that night dancing with a female lobbyist in a most inappropriate fashion. At the time I thought it was just salacious gossip. That one member would later go on to sell out to the Democrats and single-handedly cause massive political upheaval in Sacramento to the detriment of GOP volunteers, donors and voters statewide. Since then I have noted the high correlation between personal and political infidelity among politicians everywhere.

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    So, we’d say if it’s political issues you want, not the personal, what could be more of an issue than Cap and Trade, one of the most significant items to come before the legislature this year?

    What could be more of an issue than the Assembly Republican leader having the opposition be able to hold something over his head in advance of the Cap and Trade vote?

    What could be more significant an issue than seeing that leader go against the huge majority of his caucus and deliver enough GOP votes to pass the legislation, while also protecting some vulnerable Democrats to boot?

    Maybe read some of the longtime staffers’ comments above about the realities of Sacramento.

    But, if you still think his private life should be off limits, ok, but admit his ability to LEAD has been compromised by whatever caused him to cowtow on Cap and Trade.

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