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  1. Let’s see how this bounces and plays off the echo chamber walls that is sdrostra.

    Here comes our larger than life candidate, Xanthi Gionis, yet again. The gift that keeps on giving. Another Groundhog Day settling on the doorstep of the San Diego County Republican Party.

    A recurring bad dream haunting the county party primarily due to the actions that can be laid directly at the feet of its, as it certainly appears, “Leader for Life”, the long serving volunteer (please, you seriously believe that…. volunteer?) chairman, the great uniter oops sorry, Divider in Chief Tony Krvaric. Paraphrasing Videodisc from and earlier Gionis comment, he does such a good job of cultivating our bench or more to the point, chasing them away.

    Should Central Committee members and the “donor base” want to stop this madness and get better results for their efforts, consider removing both Krvaric and Nehring (now just why would Ron Nehring, both the previous past county chairman and state chairman want back on the Executive Committee in a diminished capacity anyway? Show of hands. Answer: access to the party’s donor money. It’s that simple. Take that access away and these two would be dust in the wind. Literally.). Be forewarned tho,”the buck never seems to stop there” with any modicum of accountability for ones’ actions. Should a CentCom member be caught rocking the boat, adios to you. Knuckle under or else.

    Rearranging the deck chairs on the proverbial Titanic is not the answer. Changing out the captain and his entire leadership crew would be a breath of fresh air and send a clear message that unaccountability for one’s actions and a lack of transparency will no longer be tolerated. Additionally, putting up vetted candidates for public office that have demonstrated basic character traits of integrity, honesty, moral clarity and trustworthiness with the ability to answer questions put to them truthfully would be a distinct plus. One would think.

    Organizations generally take on the traits of its leaders. You need to look no further than Obama’s Administration cabinet secretaries to observe what has come to fruition right before our eyes with policies, regulations and routine stonewalling answering committee questions. Here in San Diego, if you can’t prevent ethically challenged individuals, with skeletons falling out of the closet and shadows following them around, from occupying senior party leadership positions and running for public office, then why serve as a volunteer mushroom on the CentCom? Either you are part of the ongoing problem or potentially a change agent for honest, trustworthy, transparent leadership. Today, the Central Committee as a whole does not even remotely resemble the latter scenario or reflect those values.

    So just keep on doing what you have been doing and getting the results that you have been getting. Such the rosy future in store for you all.

  2. Mr Crimmins, do you have any speaking engagements arranged? I would like to hear more of what you have to say.

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