NBC: Lincoln Club Leader Drops Republican Affiliation

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NBC’s Wendy Fry posted a story last night that sheds some light on San Diego’s post-election fallout:

David Malcolm , co-chair of the Lincoln Club’s political action committee and one of the organization’s top donors, re-registered as a “decline to state” Friday.

Malcolm, a lifelong Republican, said he has been frustrated with partisan rhetoric on both sides of the aisle for a while. He said comments from Republican candidates in the Midwest during this campaign season referring to “legitimate rape” and describing rape as “God’s will,” pushed him over the edge and away from his own party.

“The rhetoric … was absolutely unacceptable, appalling and offensive to me; so they lost me,” Malcolm explained to NBC 7 by phone Friday.

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After the story broke a spirited Twitter discussion surfaced. It was capped by this tweet from Greg Block to Tony Manolatos, a DTSer himself who also is the Lincoln Club’s spokesman and Rostracontributor:

“Whatever. The Lincoln club is now irrelevant. Enjoy,” tweeted Block, an unabashed Bob Filner supporter.


“Election was Tuesday. You had a very good night. But you’re still angry and bitter. It’s Friday. Time to let it go, man,” Manolatos responded.

The discussion continued this morning with KOGO’s LaDona Harvey tweeting Malcom’s decision is likely the tip of the iceberg, or we’ll see a new Republican Party emerge.

A mountain from a Malcolm molehill? Maybe. It should be noted that although he was a Republican, many would call Malcolm far from partisan over the years, as he’s also been a longtime friend, ally and confidant to former State Senator Steve Peace and  former Speaker of the Assembly Willie Brown, two high profile and powerful Democrats. Malcolm was never known as a GOP activist or a party leader.

As for the irrelevancy of the the Lincoln Club? One election does not define anything for an organization, despite heavy losses. The future will tell.

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