A challenge to GOP legislators on franking privilege

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SD Rostra Editorial

Read the UT San Diego editorial on state legislators’ abuse of the franking privilege…

Abuse of franked mail: Enough is enough

Tell you what.  The first Republican legislator from San Diego — or from any part of the state for that matter — that let’s Rostra know he or she will author or co-author a substantive reform measure to curb this abusive mailing practice, we’ll give you all the space you need for a column and assist in getting your message out.

If needed, note the conditions for support you would demand be included in such legislation, such as legal assurances both parties would have to play by the same rules.

Alternatively, if you believe that a) since the Democrats get to do it, you should too (the two wrongs make it right argument), and/or b) because Republicans are in the minority in California, the only way to compete politically with the majority party is to be able to mail aggressively with public funds so as to assist in heightening the name and positives of GOP incumbents at election time (the end justifies the means argument) — well, let us know that as well.

You may email us at info@sdrostra.com.