Rocky Chavez really pisses off Jerry Kern and Phil Graham

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Updated 2/9/16, with a comment from Jerry Kern…

Rocky Chávez, the sitting 76th District Assemblyman, tonight threw in the towel on a U.S. Senate bid that for months everyone seemingly besides him thought was a really stupid idea, instead announcing he would seek reelection to his own seat, several months after two credible GOP candidates started campaigning to succeed him.

Although insiders for weeks have been assured by the campaigns of Republican candidates Jerry Kern and Phil Graham that Chávez had committed to not doing exactly what he ended up doing tonight, one consultant reacted with, “It’s Rocky being Rocky. They should have known.”

“I am getting together with my team and evaluating this unanticipated and surprising announcement,” said Kern. “I haven’t made any decisions yet.”

More from Christopher Cadelago at the SacBee, including video of the Chávez announcement from this evening’s Carl DeMaio radio show…

“Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chávez is ending his cash-strapped bid for the U.S. Senate and will instead campaign for re-election to the Legislature.

“Chávez formally announced his intentions at the start of a Monday evening radio debate on KOGO-AM in San Diego, then walked off stage. In an interview earlier Monday with The Sacramento Bee, Chávez pointed to the difficulties he faced raising money over the last 11 months, saying he relied heavily on personal funds of late to keep the campaign running.”

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  1. And we wait to see how Mr. Kern and Mr. Graham (as well as the political donors) react to this new development.

  2. feel sorry for the candidates who sacrificed their time and effort to put their hat in the race. Not sure what to think about Chavez right now.

  3. So many looked the other way when Chavez voted like Democrat over and over again because of the promise that his squishiness will get him elected as a Senator.
    Now is a great opportunity to elect a real Republican who isn’t full of excuses.

  4. I told you so!
    I told you so!
    I told you so!

    From the start of this Quixotic attack of the political windmill, I warned people to beware of Rocky doing just this. His campaign staff and Rocky himself assured everyone that he was in this for the long-term and was not going to jump back into the race for State Assembly. At the outset the political class assumed Rocky ran for Senate to raise his name ID, raise money and would then use that to get reelected to the State Assembly. The only thing he accomplished was raising his name ID as someone whose word is meaningless and can’t be trusted. Now that he is cash strapped I hope that Republicans coalesce around Phil Graham since he had the support of the establishment including those in the party, Lincoln Club and Third House. Rocky has proven he can’t be trusted. I’m done with the “Little Colonel”.

  5. Cash on Hand in AD 76:
    Phil Graham has $221,000
    Jerry Kern has $138,000
    In Assembly account, Chavez has $601

  6. When I first considered running for Assembly nine months ago, I had a long conversation with Rocky Chavez about the race, out of respect for his service. I took him at his word when he said he was going to bring a Marine’s tenacity to the US Senate campaign, so I was surprised two days ago when I read that he had dropped out. I feel I have a lot to offer in Sacramento, but if Rocky hadn’t told me and the rest of California he was committed to the US Senate race, I would not have run for his Assembly seat.

    I’ve been working hard for the last nine months, knocking on doors, raising money and gathering support for my candidacy. I made a commitment to the people of the 76th District to help them take back our state, and I’m not easily deterred. I’m humbled by the number of people who have joined with me in that effort, and by the number of people who have encouraged me to stay the course despite this latest development.

    I’ll be spending the next few days talking to my supporters and considering my options. I’ve yet to talk to Rocky – he did not let me or Jerry Kern know in advance of his decision to give up on the Senate race – so that conversation will be important.
    I expect to make a decision in the coming days.

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