Riverside County Add On count completed — Juan Vargas keeps 22-Vote Lead district-wide in SD 40

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July 10         Vargas  leads by  22  votes

The Riverside “Press-Enterprise “ just reported that the Riverside
Registrar of Voters has finished the Court-ordered count of
12,563 mail ballots which had been set aside pending a Judge’s

Your 3-county scoreboard now shows these Democratic Candidate leads:

IMPERIAL County……..Juan Vargas…….. + 927 votes
RIVERSIDE county……..Mary Salas……….. + 95 votes
SAN DIEGO county…….Mary Salas………. + 810 votes

When you add all that up, Juan Vargas’ overall edge is + 22 votes out
of 48,542 cast in the total 40th state senate Democratic primary.

Likely Still to come (1) Recounts in all 3 counties and (2) possible
Court action over disputed ballots.

Waiting for the eventual survivor of Vargas/Salas is Chula Vista GOP
businessman Brian Hendry.

Here are links to each of the 3 affected counties Voter Registrars:


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  1. An early-morning story in the Riverside Press-Enterprise
    mistakenly stated Mary Salas was now ahead in this 3-
    county contest.

    But Ace P-E politics reporter Duane Gang caught
    that error and promptly posted a correction on the
    Press-Enterprise website. That was the right thing
    to do. The correction says:



    An earlier version of this story INCORRECTLY stated the
    additional Riverside County votes changed the outcome of
    the Democratic nomination for the 40th Senate District
    race. The version below reflects the corrected information.

    With the additional votes counted, Assemblywoman Mary
    Salas had just over 50 percent of the vote in Riverside
    County in the race for the Democratic nomination in the
    40th state Senate District, which includes parts of
    Riverside and San Diego counties and all of Imperial

    However, frontrunner Juan Vargas STILL MAINTAINS A
    LEAD when the new Riverside County vote totals are
    added into the statewide totals on the California Secretary
    of State’s website. Vargas had 24,282 votes in the three-
    county race and Salas has 24,259 votes.”

    (End Press-Enterprise correction)

    * * *

    Two other San Diego-based media outlets apparently
    ran with the earlier P-E story and have declared Salas
    the new leader! One of them has already backed away
    from that claim, and we’re waiting for the 2nd one.

    As they used to say on TV reality shows, “Don’t Try
    This at Home
    .” 😉

  2. Our sources confirm that someone on the ground at ROV in Riverside reported to local media erroneously, taking the Vargas 12-vote lead of last week, saw Salas leading by 95 votes overall in Riverside, and thus concluded Salas was ahead district-wide by 83 ballots.

  3. Ed Faster:
    Why would you assume that we are wrong? Channel 10 story is incorrect; they apparently also doubled the additional vote count. Just got off the phone with the news room. They are in the midst of correcting the story. We directed them to both Rostra and Riverside Press Enterprise-corrected story. Our numbers are correct, as you will see when they get it right. We are political pros first, journalists second! 😉

  4. Wow, imagine that, Vargas’ numbers agree exactly with ours! (We’ve been trying to explain their mistake to other media outlets all day.)

    Contact: Tom Berman / 323-527-5515 


    July 10th, 2010 (San Diego) – Juan Vargas declared victory today in the tight race for the Democratic nomination for the State Senate’s 40th District seat. Final vote totals from SD40’s three counties showed Vargas ahead by 22 votes.  

    “It’s been a long road, but we’ve reached the finish line tonight. I’m very proud to be the Democratic nominee for our State Senate seat. Tonight, I’ll be celebrating with my family and friends. Tomorrow, we begin the fight to reform California government, promote job creation, and put public safety first,” Juan Vargas said in a statement. “I look forward to working on behalf of San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial counties to protect funding for local police and fire departments,” Vargas said. “Most importantly, I want to thank the voters as well as the broad coalition of firefighters, nurses, teachers, police, and National Guard veterans that united to support this campaign.” 

    Vargas ended up with a 22-vote lead following a full month of counting. A final batch of Riverside County votes was tallied on Friday and early Saturday following a court order to count every vote. With these new ballots, Vargas’ vote total doubled from 11 to 22. The final tally: 

    JUAN VARGAS 24,282

    MARY SALAS 24,260 

    Born and raised on a small farm with nine siblings, Juan Vargas attended USD, studied to become a Jesuit priest and worked in an orphanage in the civil-war-torn jungles of El Salvador. After the seminary, Juan attended Harvard Law School, where he was a classmate of President Barack Obama. Vargas returned to San Diego following law school and served as a City Councilman and a member of the State Assembly. As an Assemblyman, Vargas fought to control health care costs, keep sexual predators out of our neighborhoods, and combat elder abuse. Juan lives in Golden Hill with his wife Adrienne and their two daughters.

    The 40th Senate district incorporates portions of San Diego and Riverside Counties and all of Imperial County. 

    # # #

  5. Channel 10 traveled a Hard Road today in search of the 40th senate primary election story.
    Here is the Timeline, and their Headlines !

    12:17 pm
    “Unofficial Tally:….. Salas 83 Votes Ahead Of Vargas
    Mail-In Ballot Count Gives Mary Salas 83 More Votes

    2:45 p.m.
    “Mary Salas Leading Juan Vargas In San Diego,
    Riverside Counties, By 975 Votes

    7:38 p.m.
    “Vargas Unofficial Winner In 40th Dist. Senate
    Race, Reports Say Vargas Won By 22 Votes

    People old enough will remember Ringo Starr’s first solo hit record titled,
    You Know It Don’t Come Easy.” 😉

  6. The “North County Times” says Mary Salas has taken the lead in their Sunday
    morning story. Maybe they have a scoop!

    “Assemblywoman Mary Salas edged 83 votes above
    former Assemblyman Juan Vargas in the 40th Senate
    district Democratic primary race, in an unofficial tally
    today of new votes counted 32 days after the election…

    Adding the new results gives an unofficial total of 28,183
    votes for Salas, and 28,100 for Vargas in the district…


    Damn, Rostra Administrator, the Times has got 28,000 votes going on, and we still only have 24,000! 😉

  7. Oh my. The Times took it off the wire yesterday, same bad info as the Press Enterprise initially used, but at least they corrected theirs yesterday!

  8. Most have corrected their errors as of yesterday, including Press Enterprise and KGTV. All chasing the same erroneous report, instead of relying on those that know how to add votes in three counties. 😉

    Kudos to Jim Sills for having the numbers right from the start, when he and Rostra broke the story.

  9. The “North County Times” has changed its Sunday
    story saying Mary Sales was leading Juan Vargas.

    The NC TIMES now says:

    ” The new results from Riverside County and county
    figures from the Secretary of State’s website indicate
    that Vargas now has 24,282 votes unofficially, while
    Salas has 24,259. ”

    I wonder what happened to those extra 8,000 votes
    the Times had found on Sunday? The truth is out

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