Put “paycheck protection” prop on EVERY ballot — EVERY election

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters



One lesson from the election I HOPE “my side” now understands and should support — we need to CONTINUE to use the proposition system against the labor unions and the left. Hit ’em with propositions they must fight, or else these unions risk dying from the passage of such reform measures.

After all, the left doesn’t hesitate to hit US with the same propositions over and over — putting tax increases on the state ballots year after year.  Even when these tax props fail miserably, next election they are back with the same thing in somewhat different packaging.

On the state level, eight times in a row California state tax increases were rejected by the voters over the last decade or so.  Did that discourage the Big Spenders?  Nope.  They put not one, not two, but THREE tax increases on the November California state ballot — plus scores of local tax increases.  And finally they got two state measures to pass.

Let’s do the same thing.  We just lost on the latest version of paycheck protection — trying to end the employer collecting money via payroll deduction for political activities.  The unions knew full well that would end their control of California, so they spent over $70 million against it.  They “won.”  THIS time.

In 2014, we should do it again — preferably on the June ballot.  Then there will be no “Obama effect.” And generally speaking, more knowledgeable and conservative voters make up the voting electorate.

Even if we lose again, we cost the labor unions another $50 million or more — money they otherwise will use to raise taxes and elect their sycophants.  It costs us maybe $3 million to put it on the state ballot.

Even if we spend only a nominal amount on the 2014 prop campaign, the unions will feel compelled to spend a LOT more to make sure it doesn’t pass.  And that’s a good thing.

A second measure we should have on each ballot is a “school choice” proposition.  Other states are moving towards at least some use of education vouchers or tax credits.  Half the kids in Louisiana are now eligible for school vouchers, with many Democrats supporting the reform.We should support that reform.  It will cost the unions tens of millions of dollars to defeat such measures.

School choice is a GREAT “wedge issue,” as nothing harms blacks and other minorities more than our monopoly urban detention center failing government school system.  Many if not most urban minorities would welcome school choice — we’ve seen this response around the nation.

The Democrat Party clearly cares more about labor unions than the future of our kids.  A school choice proposition highlights that callous disregard for our children’s future.

Even when we lose, we get to engage in a months’ long debate on these urgent issues — allowing us to educate the populace in discussions the labor unions fervently wish would go away.  And this debate boldly displays which side REALLY cares about the kids.

One other point.  We should not limit such props to the state level.  After all, the unions are pushing to raise local taxes every election.  Let’s do the same thing.

Put “paycheck protection and “school choice” props on LOCAL ballots wherever feasible.  Bleed the unions white, educate the public while offering real world solutions, and (hopefully) ultimately prevailing at the ballot box.  It’s a win-win-win strategy.