Richard Rider re-registers as REPUBLICAN tonight — And No, It’s Not April 1st

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That’s not a misprint, sports fans, SD  Rostra’s own Richard Rider changed his registration last night, from Libertarian to Republican at the annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.  Your correspondent wouldn’t have believed it if he had not seen Rider sign the document live on center stage,  as 600 Republicans simultaneously cheered and pinched themselves .  “Was that for Real?” we asked GOP Vice Chairman Michael McSweeney.  The no-nonsense Mr. McSweeney affirmed it was the real thing.

We could not bring ourselves to break the startling news to Rostra’s Gayle Falkenthal, so we’ve asked her close friend Mario B. to handle that assignment with maximum diplomacy. He’s just the boy who can do it.


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  1. It is indeed true. I’ll be much like libertarian Republican Fred Schnaubelt, working on the issues important to me. And I’m not a blind team player — I’ll call ’em as I see ’em when it comes to RINO’s.

    I’ll write more on this later. One important thing to realize. With California’s new “top two” elections, after 2012 most or all of the third parties in CA will lose their ballot status. To remain ballot qualified, a third party must get at least 2% in a statewide election (not counting federal offices). With only the top two candidates in each race making it to the general election, no third party candidate will even have a CHANCE to get the 2% vote.

    Only the dormant American Independent Party with its large registration (80% of the people registering AIP think they are registering “independent”) will likely remain on the ballot (they meed the inflated registration requirements).

  2. 2011 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner keynote Grover Norquist spoke eloquently about how politics is about ADDITION, and that each time a new wave of activists emerged (“religious right”, pro-life, 2nd Amendment – and now “Tea Party”) the media declares the Republican Party taken over by “crazies” (I’m paraphrasing) but instead our “leave us alone coalition” (Grover’s words) keeps growing. The Democrats’ coalition on the other hand consists of groups who either want something from government or want to use the coercive power of government to make the rest of us do something – or forbid us from doing something.

    We’re thrilled to have Richard on our team! Believe it or not, but there is room for all freedom loving Americans in the Republican Party.

  3. That’s a Great point, Richard, and hopefully one that
    will be considered by the learned Judges when the
    lawsuits against the Maldonado primary are heard.

  4. I respect and understand Richard’s reasonable motives behind the switch. It’s certainly worked out nicely for Ron Paul. It’s a pragmatic and practical decision.

    Being Libertarian has only a little to do with political party registration. Many would argue that you can effect change more readily when you’re inside the process rather than outside it. There are plenty of Libertarians who used to be Republicans until the party left them.

    Brad Fikes and I (and others on occasion) will continue to fly the Gadsden Flag high including on Rostra.

    As for Mario A. Boxer, for now I will refrain from releasing the hound(s), but he is always at the ready. I’m trying to find out whether one of his German ancestors was involved in that nutty Nazi scheme to teach dogs to talk. Boxers were commonly used as military service dogs by the Germans in WWI and WWII. The way he sounds off I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Richard, congratulations. I switched from Libertarian to Republican registration in 2008. I only held out that long out of a sense of personal loyalty to you. I believed that the LP had ceased to be effective. I know you will continue to be a great advocate for freedom and the taxpayer. I appreciate all you have done for San Diego over the years.

    Tony, thanks for the reminder about expanding our coalition.

  6. With California’s new “top two” elections, after 2012 most or all of the third parties in CA will lose their ballot status.

    That’s a good reason, and I wondered if it was behind the switch. As one of my mentors in Libertarianism, it’s still sad to see you leave.

    Good luck in steering the good ship GOP toward the harbor of individual liberty and away from the rocks of statism!

  7. In my area of emphasis (fiscal frugality), the GOP has been doing better — especially on the local and state levels. On the federal level — well — doomsday awaits. But not my problem!

    On personal freedom issues, I don’t expect the GOP to come around to my way of thinking, and that is too bad. I won’t be shy about my libertarian views in this area, but it’s not what I like to spend my efforts on.

    Foreign affairs? That’s a Gordian knot I’ll also largely bypass — except for free trade.

    As Tony K. says, there is room in the GOP tent for different viewpoints (to a degree). I think I can work within that flapping canvas structure, though I’m not one to offer up blind obedience and loyalty. Nor is it expected. And I’m not alone. As I see it, such internal dissent is healthy — properly done.

  8. One other point — I think the continued existence of the LP is a good thing, and I won’t be encouraging my fellow LP travelers to take my step. A few will, I suspect — and more will later, assuming the “top two” elections withstand court scrutiny.

    GOP folks, don’t be too pleased with this migration of Libertarians — the Green Party wackos will doubtless be joining the Democrat Party, so at best it will be a wash as far as party numbers go.

    I’ve been working with Republicans for some time on fiscal issues, so for me, joining the GOP is a logical step. For other LP members, it may not be a good fit. I’m not going try to heard libertarian cats into the GOP corral.

  9. Hi Richard. Always interesting to learn what you’re up to. Congrats to you and Diane on the arrival of your grandson, Gavin. Steve sounded ecstatic! Pls. forward the happy newlywed’s address to me, so that Paul and I can send a lil’ somthin’ to the Baby. All the best with the grand ole republicans. XO, Rita

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