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Ricasa: Don’t make me gut my children’s future!

Wow. Just saw this article from the U-T where Sweetwater school board member Arlie Ricasa, through her attorney, is claiming that she’ll have to gut her own children’s college fund to pay for legal services stemming from her alleged indiscretions — 4 felonies, 2 misdemeanors — if the school board (ahem, taxpayers) won’t approve the legal payments.

This brings up a philosophical question for you, folks: should governments provide legal services to trustees mired in corruption scandals?

Another interesting point is Ricasa hiding behind her children to claim her innocence. Almost verges on selfishness wouldn’t you say?

Her argument being, of course, that if she isn’t bailed out on legal services because of her own ethical problems, her children’s college fund and her own retirement is in danger.

Oh, the humanity! *Sniffle* Where’s my hankey?

In all seriousness, it will be an interesting topic of discussion at the next Sweetwater Union High School Board meeting Monday, January 30, at 6:30pm inside the Hilltop High Gym. Arrive accordingly and bring tissues… or picket signs, either would be preferred.

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