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  1. Typical Rexford. Blame everyone else. She has done no wrong in her skewed mind. Puh-leaze. On matters like this, city councils don’t need the city manager to tell them to have a strong opinion about a rotten apple in their midst.

  2. So I’m still waiting for the press conference that Betty has promised will always be “next week”. Betty apparently isn’t open for change. New City Manager-Did she really expect Gould to be a copy of Bowersox? Different managerial style too-One believes in Macro and the other believes in Micro managing. Each time she opens her mouth, she digs herself deeper and deeper. Now I wonder what is keeping her in. Could it be the benefit package that politicians get that makes it SOOOO hard to leave? Maybe we should take a good look at that. Politicians are here to SERVE us, not to serve to reap the benefit package. Betty, from a former believer and supporter of you, it’s really time for you to resign

  3. Unbelievable! Does anyone else question her bottom-line sanity? There must be voices in her head telling her all these things that she truly believes!! I’m waiting to hear her press conference that she continually promises — or is she lying about that too? Pathological liar? Delusional? Multiple personalities? Man, I’m starting to wonder….

  4. On my occasional visits to Poway (I grew up in Poway and graduated from Poway High and SDSU), I am extremely disappointed in the condition of a community that I left almost 26 years ago. It appears progress has taken the wonderful memories of horses riding down Poway Road, Midland School and the wonderful people. It appears that the community has lost its heart.

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