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Report From the Trenches of UCSD, Part 2

Things took quite a toll as more racially triggered events sprung on the UCSD campus. A noose was found hanging on February 19th, 2010, at the seventh floor of Geisel Library. The culprit, a student who was not identified by name and race, apologized for the incident, citing in UCSD’s main paper, The Guardian, “I found a small piece of rope on the ground earlier in the day. While I was hanging out with my friends a bit later, we tried jump-roping with it and making it into a lasso. My friend then took the rope and tied it into a noose. I innocently marveled at his ability to tie a noose, without thinking of any of its connotations or the current racial climate at UCSD. I left soon after with one of my friends for Geisel to study, still carrying the rope. After a bit of studying I picked up the rope to play with, and ended up hanging it by my desk. It was a mindless act and stupid mistake.” You would think that anyone with some sense in their brain would know what a noose is and not even cogitate making one? Apparently, she should not have toiled with and even considered this idiotic thing! Legal action should be taken, minority or not, as it is a hate crime. Alas, to know when and if justice will be served is another issue in itself as investigation proceedings are looming in the future.

Yet again, UCSD witnessed another racial incident, with the adornment of the Theodor Geisel statue in a Ku Klux Klan hood, alleged (though not proven factually yet) to be staged by supporters of improvements for the Black Student Union to get their demands sooner. Again, the benefit of the doubt should be granted as proof is not provided, but why would white students want to instigate hate at UCSD? There is no reason for racial conflict here at UCSD.  Those who attend UCSD came here by free will. Nobody forced, coerced, or made them come to study here at the UC campus.

As most of the attention has been focused on the fight against “racism,” the large majority of the UCSD community and its surrounding communities fail to acknowledge the larger problem at hand: the censorship of free speech. Members from right leaning groups and even from left-leaning groups came out in support of the First Amendment and free speech on March 3rd, 2010 to a protest held on Library Walk at UCSD. To silence anyone or any group because of content is unconstitutional and unjust; it is an act of tyranny and an obstruction to one of the greatest rights provided by our Law of the Land, the Constitution. During the protest, I heard a Black Student Union member retort that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were racist in intent, as he alleged that the Founding Fathers were racist. Slave holding was held in that time and was unfortunately accepted as the norm, but additional Amendments added to the Constitution have given greater rights to those underrepresented. Yet, I feel that those who accord themselves with liberal dogma and those who accord themselves with the maneuvers held by the Obama administration call for the necessary destruction of these so-called “racist doctrines.” This is unheard of and un-American to call the Constitution racist. If we destroy the Constitution and are deprived of the right to exercise free speech, then chaos will unfurl and liberals will rid our society of its underpinnings.

To fellow conservatives college students: I urge you, as a fellow activist, to not let liberals dominate your campus, tell you lies, and diminish you for your diversity of thoughts. Keep a copy of the Constitution in your pocket, and put it to use when someone tries to infringe upon your endowed rights. There has to be an equal-level playing field of opinions, and not just one exclusive one that is found in liberalism. Expose the truth, and do not let anyone deter you from preserving the American values that have long-stood in our nation since its establishment. If the American laws would be so racist and unjust, then why do people flock to our nation from all around the world—legally and illegally? This fine nation has afforded equal opportunities to everyone regardless of their nationality, race, gender, and viewpoints based upon their personal goals, dreams, and aspirations. Please do not forget that!!!!

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