SD Rostra

Regulate This!

San Diego City Councilmember Chris Cate appeared at February’s meeting of the Albondigas Political Society (San Diego edition) at Casa Machado Friday. Among all the usual ho-hum questions he was asked about the San Diego Chargers, a proposed infrastructure bond measure, and the like, Cate was asked something vitally important and a true reflection of his taste and character: his “go-to” favorite karaoke song.

Rostrafarians, for your Friday entertainment, here’s the original version of Cate’s choice: “Regulate,” Warren G featuring Nate Dogg. A fitting selection for an elected official, don’t you think?

To the rest of our elected officials reading Rostra, weigh in with YOUR go-to karaoke number, if you’ve got one.

Thanks to Albondigas San Diego chapter organizers John Dadian and Southwest Strategies. If you’re missing this monthly event, you’re missing out.

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