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Reason #452 Obama should be impeached

Ok, its official. The Obama Administration is either the most corrupt or most incompetent administration I have ever seen.  Below is a link listing 440 congressional districts that do NOT exist and for which Obama has claimed jobs were created! These phantom districts are responsible for over 28,000 alleged jobs at a cost of $224,525.22 per job, so even if they were real, it is simply not a good investment for the taxpayers.

If it were only a few errors, it might be understandable.  But this is out of control. The errors are widespread and involve almost every state.  Such a pattern of fraud must either be purposeful or evidence of incredible incompetence.  Either way, all these people involved with preparing these reports should be fired.

There is an oversight board called the “Recovery and Accountability Transparency Board”  ( and they are responsible for this fraudulent activity. If you call any of them, demand an investigation.  Some have already told the media that they’re not responsible for this inaccurate information. Huh?  That’s the purpose of having an oversight board.

All of these board members also serve as Inspector Generals from various government agencies and so have lots of experience in exposing fraud.  They should all be held to account for this.  If they’re not willing to come out publicly and acknowledge this fraud, then they should be encouraged to resign from the Recovery Board. Here are their phone numbers:

Earl Devaney, Chairman, 202-208-5745
Gregory Friedman  202-586-4128
Richard Skinner  202-254-4100
Phyllis Fong  202-720-8001
Todd Zinser  202-482-4661
Gordon Heddell  703-604-8324; 800-424-9098
Mary Kendall  202-208-5745
Mary Mitchelson  202-245-6911; 800-647-8733
Russell George  800-266-4484
Daniel Levinson   202-619-1343
Glenn Fine  800-869-4499
Clavin Scovel  202-366-1959
Eric Thorson  800-359-3898

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