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Reactions to DeMaio jumping in Congressional race

The Republican field may be growing in the 50th Congressional District, but Carl DeMaio’s announcement yesterday that he would enter the Duncan Hunter fray resulted in somewhat of a larger splash, especially after he teased the decision a few days in advance on social media and his radio show.

Here’s some of the local reaction…

John Dadian, Political Analyst:

“Carl DeMaio will be a very formidable candidate and has an excellent chance of going all the way. However, the field of candidates will continue to grow and the Hunter trial will have some type of conclusion before the filing period closes and that will affect the race greatly one way or the other.”

Brian Brady, SD Rostra writer:

“Carl is running in the wrong District. The 50th is a Pro-Life district and Carl has always been aligned with liberals on this issue. I wish Carl would have run in our District (the 52nd, against Scott Peters) rather than taking votes from a Pro-Life candidate in a Pro-Life District.”

La Mesa Council Member Kristine Alessio, a former Republican-turned Decline-to-State:

“I’m excited to see Carl enter the race and he’ll probably become one of the front runners. I look forward to the voters of the 50th being able to have two front running candidates (Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar and Carl) who spend time talking about the issues instead of having a Republican front runner who either spews racially charged epithets against his opponent or blames others for his Federal indictment. With Carl in the race, again, we can finally look forward to a debate on policy. I know both Ammar and Carl and find both of them to be gentlemen and very thoughtful individuals; all this bodes well for the 50th.”

Eric Andersen, SD Rostra writer:

“So our choice is to re-elect a Republican that doesn’t uphold limited government but upholds our right to life or a Republican that upholds limited government but doesn’t uphold our natural right to life? I won’t support either and neither should the San Diego County Republican Party. Our brand is limited government, free markets and individual liberty. That’s where you’ll find me.”

Larry Wilske, Retired Navy Seal and already-announced candidate for the seat:

“DeMaio is clearly not a fit for the district. The 50th has the highest concentration of Veterans, retirees, DOD employees and active duty military in CA. We also have 85 percent Christian conservatives with 100 percent alignment with traditional family values, and 80 percent of the Republicans in this district are Pro-Life; Carl has been pro-choice for years and there is no denying this one. Carl has lost to Bob Filner, Scott Peters and the entire Democrat party with the losing gas tax initiative he branded as his own. He has taken 12-million hard earned dollars and figured out a way to lose every penny. His getting into this race is the best thing for the Democrats since Kennedy.”

Kyle Taylor, Business Owner:

“DeMaio running for Congress is groundbreaking news. His entrance into the race is the earthquake we needed to shakeup Congress.”

Carl DeMaio:

“Too many Californians are fleeing our state because of the extreme socialist agenda being imposed on us by Democrat politicians, but I refuse to flee: I choose to stand and fight. In California, voters have only been given two choices: socialists or ineffective career politicians. I believe California is at a tipping point and to take back our state, we need a new generation of California leaders who are willing to fight and have a record of leading by example and getting reform done.”

Additional comments following the initial posting…

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters:

“I’m supporting Carl DeMaio because he’s the right guy at the right time.  Carl’s a proven fighter and reformer. California has become a one-party state and that’s led to political imbalance and some pretty extreme policies that cost you and me in so many ways. Carl DeMaio can be the voice we desperately need to re-balance things in our state.”

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