Rasmussen national poll ties Cain with Romney at 29 percent

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With primary season approaching quickly, the Republicans have hoisted a new favorite — Herman Cain. A new Rasmussen poll shows Cain and Romney with 29 percent of the primary vote and Newt Gingrich moving up to third with 10 percent.

What a difference a month makes. Cain insists he will ride the wave all the way to the White House, but will need to raise a lot more money to stay competitive in crucial states — something he was able to accomplish during his tenure at Godfather’s Pizza.

The former CEO, Cain, took a crumbling business and turned it into a pizza empire. Couple his business experience with a likeable guy personality and voters have a secret ingredient formula for success.

The politically inexperienced candidate has also found favor with the Tea Party movement that seeks to fire all establishment politicians and replace them with commonsense, small government elected officials who will represent the people first. So far Cain fits that bill.

“It’s obvious the Tea Party and Independents are tired of seeing more the same liberal-conservative Republican in name only (RINO) establishment politics,” explained Rhonda Deniston of Stop Taxing Us, a grassroots San Diego Tea Party group (not sponsored by the Koch brothers).

Deniston quickly pointed out that while the group likes what they see from Cain right now, it could change as the media vets his candidacy.

“He needs to stay on message and continue to describe his true American story. He came from a poor family and through hard work, not handouts, was able to achieve the American dream,” Deniston said. “This is what America stands for and it sends a message to all demographics in this country that hard work can pay off.”

While GOP candidate Mitt Romney has more name recognition, Tea Party affiliates contend this status is, in part, a result of living in the political world for at least six years. These same affiliates maintain that as the primary season gets underway they will begin to unleash the networking skills that turned the historic 2010 elections upside down.

Meanwhile in San Diego, Stop Taxing Us is reading through all the presidential contender profiles and will wait until the vetting process is over to back any candidate. “Our group is looking for an economic plan, and so far Cain has one. Is the “9-9-9”plan perfect, no but it’s a start.”

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  1. Wait adding a federal sales tax and calling it “VAT” = no good?

    But adding a federal sales tax and calling it a 9/9/9 plan = good?

    Maybe if it were a 0/0/9 plan. I don’t understand the change of heart. I thought we were Taxed Enough Already. But now we are in favor of a candidate who wants to create a brand new tax?

  2. Michael,

    Cain’s plan is not a Value Added Tax (VAT) the federal sales tax would be more like a fair tax, it would eliminate the federal income tax, the death tax, and capital gains tax to name a few. It would not eliminate State property taxes or State personal income taxes, but it would finally make those who pay no taxes pay their fair share as well, the more you consume the more you pay in taxes. I would recommend the elimination of the 16th amendment in order to secure that no federal tax could creep up in a later administration.

    Do a little reading up on it and you will see that the 9-9-9 plan is an alternative tax plan , not an additional tax.

    A VAT tax when government continues to tax the same item over and over again as it gains value from a raw materials stage to the final product, for example, if you sell a piece of wood, it is taxed, them someone carves a pretty little birdie out of the wood sells it, that same piece of wood that is now a bird, is taxed again, then someone else paints pretty colors on the bird, sells it and it is taxed again, as the product continues gaining value as it develops, it is tax, tax and taxed again.

    The VAT tax is added as well as all the other taxes paid in Europe. The VAT tax in Europe replaces nothing, it just more taxes. Nancy Pelosi proposed a VAT tax early in the Obama administration.

    Those who want to derail Cain’s idea, call it a VAT tax, which is inaccurate.

    Here is a link to explain the VAT as it applies in Europe.

    Hope this helps you better understand Cain’s plan.

  3. Also Michael,

    I see no where in the article that states the Tea party is in full support of Herman Cain, what it does reflect is that they like what is being said by Cain at the moment.

    The article also reflects that the Tea Party and Independents are tired of Politics as usual, tired of the far left, as well as long time establishment career politicians who have lost touch with their base, that goes for the Democrats and Republican’s that seem to think they know best.

    Cain is refreshing, he is what America truly reflects, he is the American dream and has not forgotten where he has come from.

    He has values, and the brains to surround himself with the right people to move this country in a positive manner.

    There is still a lot to learn about Mr. Cain, don’t discount him yet, he just might be your next US President.

  4. I would be way happier if it were just a straight “fair tax” plan. I too am sick of the politics as usual. Hence my hesitation to support his plan which…can be interpreted as simply adding a new tax to the books.

    I appreciate your input on this and I continue to look closely at each candidate and I do it through a very skeptical eye. Let’s hope we all don’t get fooled again. I don’t want to meet the new boss and find out he’s the same as the old boss.

  5. After seeing the debate last night…clearly I was not the only one concerned about Cain’s sales tax. It’s that third 9. Uncomfortable.

  6. Agree, Michael…and he never seemed to answer the question about whether the nine percent state sales tax is on top of the existing state (and locally-added) sales tax, or if that the nine IS meant to replace the state/local amount. It’s as if he doesn’t understand how the local taxes are administered and that the feds don’t have the authority to dictate the number. Why can’t he simply answer whether that nine is in addition to existing state taxes or not? Uncomfortable indeed.

  7. It is in addition to any and all existing local sales taxes. The way he should have answered it is by explaining that income taxes would be cut significantly leaving a lot more money in your pocket to pay for the additional sales tax. By lowering everyone’s effective rate to 9% and getting rid of the Social Security tax, everyone’s income taxes would be cut. So his goal appears to be to charge you $8 for giving you back $10.

    The part left to debate is if the 9% sales tax would increase a person’s overall tax burden after they get done buying gas for work, etc.


    I don’t know much about the above group, but their analysis seems to indicate a tax increase for the vast majority under a 9-9-9 plan. I haven’t really figured out why, but feel free to analyze.

    I have seen proposals for a “Fair Tax” which would get rid of every source of revenue to the federal government except a sales tax and they look much better than this combination.

    On a side note, is the President of the United States supposed to be proposing complicated tax reform? Shouldn’t that come from the House? I don’t see anything in Article 2 giving the president this power. But Article 1 Section 7 is pretty clear on revenue bills and where they should originate. Probably a point for another discussion.

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