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  1. What is their claim? Are they trying to get money from the taxpayers? What exactly is it that Roberts did to them, or how did he harm them? I can see if Roberts was misusing taxpayers funds, but how exactly does it harm the people putting in claims? Are they just opportunists or were they harmed in some way?

  2. And the 4th lawsuit is a class action lawsuit from Topps, Donruss, Upper Deck, Bowman, Fleer, Panini and the “Man Card”
    Btw, here’s some baseball trivia:

    Do you know who hit the most home runs since 2000?
    Albert Pujols

    Do you know who got the most RBI since 2000?
    Albert Pujols

    Do you know who got hit on the chin with the most balls since 2000?
    Not Albert Pujols… It was Dave Roberts

  3. Media poker; ok NYT.. I see your 4 traffic tickets, and raise you a Vince Foster….

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