San Diego Republicans Announce Francis Barraza as Executive Director

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Party promotes former Finance Director and young up-and-coming leader Francis Barraza to post of Executive Director, embracing aggressive vision

SAN DIEGO, California (January 08, 2013) — Embracing an aggressive vision of taking the Republican Party’s proudFrancis Barraza message of personal freedom and free enterprise to every corner of San Diego County, the Party’s executive committee last night elevated former Finance Director Francis Barraza to the post of Executive Director.

“Francis Barraza is a young, up-and-coming leader with an inspiring vision to broaden the reach and appeal of our Party,” said Chairman Tony Krvaric. “She shares our belief that there is no such thing as an ‘off year’ in politics and is dedicated to doing the work required to lay the groundwork for Republican victories in 2014 and beyond.”

Ms. Barraza is a native of San Diego with over a decade of political experience. She has worked on multiple campaigns throughout California at all levels; most recently on the successful June 2010 Yes on G campaign in Chula Vista to ban discriminatory Project Labor Agreements and serving as a Latino Field Representative in San Diego/Imperial County for Meg Whitman’s November 2010 campaign for governor.

During 2011 and 2012 Ms. Barraza served as the Finance Director for the Republican Party of San Diego County, being instrumental in the successful fundraising efforts of the Party, eclipsing $4 million in the two year cycle. She is a proven grassroots organizer, bilingual spokesperson, and a skillful political operative. She holds a BA in Political Science from UC Irvine and a JD from UC Davis School of Law.

“We are committed to taking our message of individual liberty, limited government and entrepreneurship to all corners of San Diego County in 2013 and beyond. Francis Barraza is the right person to quarterback our efforts,” Krvaric concluded.



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  1. This is great news, and a great start to moves that should have been made by the party 7 years ago. Hats off to Ms. Barraza.

    However, this doesn’t necessarily count as a credible commitment by the Party to start making meaningful efforts to reach out to and include latinos in its coalition. As we have seen in the past, telling latino voters that they should be republican because we believe in x, y, and z does not work – even if the message is delivered by a Latino. It takes listening to the concerns of this constituency group and finding meaningful ways to incorporate them into the platform in a way that is consistent with Republican values.

    Although this seems simple, and is not inconsistent with any other constituency group, big or small, it means that the Party will have to show leadership in not deferring endorsements to the same predictable candidates and selling itself for member comm dollars.

    If this is the commitment that Party leadership is making with its new ED, then it is the sort of move that excites my optimism to the point of reengaging with the committee. Ms. Barraza is an amazing leader and resource for the committee, but the burden is on Krvaric et al not to under-utilize her talents and abilities by having her sell the same BS to a new constituency.

  2. Wait for it….wait for it….wait for it….BAM! The last half of the last sentence of the comment and D. Morton fits in a poke at Krvaric! What a shock! Right out of left field D. Morton attacks Tony. So surprising.

    I was reading it and getting worried it wouldn’t happen.

    Fantastic specific suggestions on how Republicans should reach out, by the way. Your ideas have such detail that I don’t see why they cannot be implemented tomorrow.

    I also think the implication that Ms. Barraza was picked as a nod to her heritage rather than her accomplishments as an individual is a little harsh. Individuals judged by their character is, of course, what Republicans are all about.

  3. Not an implication Michael, nor an insinuation, but a worry, followed by a positive challenge. All based on having been around for longer than I would care to admit.

  4. I’m a former young turk, turned small business owner. Most of my guys are Latinos. To varying degrees they are leaning more and more right because I treat them like equals and I’m honest with them. I am nothing like the monster the dems makes us out to be. This causes them to initially doubt some of their preconceptions about righties. Then I tell them straight why I had to lay people off and deny cost of living raises. (THIS #$%&ING SUCKS BY THE WAY!!!!!) That reason being funds intended for expansion, hiring new employees and raises are now going to higher taxes, workers comp premiums, and expensive environmental compliance upgrades.

    Mr Krvaric, Nehring, and Schwartz: Please start here. This is a lot more effective than parading elected Latinos at the RNC convention.

    D. Morton I’m glad to see you back. Most of our generation has disengaged. Thank You

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