Bilbray concedes race for 52nd Congressional District

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Congressman Bilbray calls Scott Peters to wish him luck in Washington


(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Brian Bilbray issued the following statement after calling to congratulate Scott Peters in the race for the 52nd Congressional District:

“With the majority of votes counted, I would like to congratulate Scott Peters in his bid to serve the citizens of the 52nd Congressional District and the people of San Diego.

“I would like to take this moment to thank all the supporters of my campaign. This was an expensive and hard-fought campaign that drew national interest. I appreciated the spirited dialogue that often accompanies campaigns like this. While Scott and I differed sharply on how to handle the issues facing our nation, now is the time to put those differences aside and find common ground to address our country’s many challenges.

“Looking back, I take great pride in what my team has been able to accomplish in my time in Congress.  I was fortunate to have environmental bills passed and signed into law: The Border Smog Protection Act that strengthened the Clean Air Act and the Beaches Environment Assessment and Coastal Health Act that strengthened the Clean Water Act, as well as a bill to clean up Lake Hodges. I also take great pride in protecting veteran benefits with the passage of a two-year budget cycle and honor their service by protecting the Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial. I endeavored to open my colleagues’ eyes to the promise of renewable fuels that will one day curb our dependence on foreign oil. And finally, something very close to me, reforming the bureaucracy to get cures to patients faster and increasing medical research funding to one day turn cancer into a manageable disease.

“As for me, I will continue fighting for the issues I believe in and that benefit San Diego, only in a different capacity. I look forward to finally having the opportunity to spend time with my family and seven grandkids. I wish Scott and his family the very best in his endeavors.”

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  1. Bilbray is a class act and will be sorely missed in Congress. Congrats to the team for running a good race.

    In addition, the race to unseat Congressman-elect Scott Peters starts today. Let’s hope the party (and GOP voters) choose the right person for the job.

  2. 2014 election = zero to negative “Obama effect.” This swing district with Peters razor-thin 2012 victory should swing back to the GOP after only one Peters term.

    We shall see.

  3. Couple of predictions

    A) Peters will get a PLUM committee assignment (Commerce?) to help with fundraising in that district.

    B) Holding the seat will be hard in off years.

    C) Here is a race where party discipline would be great. If I am the Dems I am looking at the “first 2” primary rules here and would LOVE to pick my opponent. Expect them to try to find the least centrist candidate and try to get them into General. The CC’s task is to try to find the centrist who wants that seat and begin grooming. Not promoting it but, I think, Kevin Falconer, eyes are on you.

  4. Vidosic,

    Glad to see you are willing to give the new Congressman a chance.

    I do agree with you about Bilbray. Brian is a first-class individual and I hope he does well in all his future pursuits.

  5. Bilbray is not a class act knowing his pedigree from the Imperial Beach days. Does anyone know where he is residing? Carlsbad, Virginia, Imperial Beach, PB or Coronado.

  6. There is no legal requirement for a member of Congress to live in the district he/she represents. Where Bilbray resides is irrelevant.

  7. Post
  8. I guess it is time for Steve Francis to appear and show his brand of leadership nobody is looking for. This seat goes back to red in 2014.

  9. City Councilman Kevin Faulconer is a great choice for the new 52nd Congressional District in 2014, when he is termed-out of the City Council. Kevin has a built-in constituency including many Democrats and DTS in Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, and Pacific Beach that appreciates his respect for the general public and his leadership on neighborhoods issues.

    Since Council President Tony Young has announced his resignation to head the Red Cross, both Council persons Kevin Faulconer and Todd Gloria have stated they want to be the new City Council President and set the Council Agenda. Supposedly, the City Council President will be picked before December 3, 2012.

    Since Councilman Kevin Faulconer worked with former Council President Scott Peters, he would know many instances where Peters is on City TV video behaving badly. Examples of Peters’ poor leadership both as City Council President and Chief Port Commissioner include:

    January 30, 2007. When Peters tried to break the 30 foot Coastal Height Limit established by Proposition D in 1972 (40 years ago) in the name of Affordable Housing and the poor.

    Using his Council Present’s power to deny the City the opportunity to discuss the issue of changing to the 1931 Children’s Pool Trust. Banning the issue from the City Council’s Agenda resulted in $1 million taxpayer funds to fellow La Jolla Attorney Paul Kennerson.

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