The immigration issue. Can someone answer my questions?

Poway Roger Poway Roger


The immigration issue is a hard one to decide. People try to make it a Mexican vs USA issue and it’s not, in fact, it’s much broader. I recall about a year ago that a person was caught fishing illegally off the coast of La Jolla. Turned out the person was here illegally from Iran. This person had his hands slapped and that was it. I’m sorry, but if I was in another country as a legal alien or as an ILLEGAL alien, and was caught breaking the law, I would understand if that country told me to leave. When you are in a foreign county, you should be doing your best to obey the law, or face immediate deportation.

We have an issue of people crossing our borders illegally. If that is the case, then why do we fund the health, education, well being of those here illegally, and if we see a moral need too, then shouldn’t the Federal government pay for this (Instead of expecting the States) since they are the ones that cannot control the borders? Why must the States and Counties pay for the inability of the Federal Government to control the borders?

Next issue-taxes vs benefits. I’m always hearing how much illegal aliens cost the state to provide aid. I’ve also heard that the tax revenue that these illegal aliens produce, far exceeds what the government pays to support the benefits paid out. I’ve yet to see these figures. Could someone please supply them? This issue here is a big block for me. Being a fiscal conservative, I worry about the fiscal side of the problem. With the State’s inability to balance a budget, if these claims of the costs for the benefits outweigh the tax revenue generated, then it would be a easy decision to cut any aid (In the state budget) to illegals, but then, if controlling our borders is a federal issue, then, once again, the federal government should be reimbursing the states for 100% of the benefits provided.

Recently, the Federal Government raided a restaurant in Pacific Beach over their hiring of illegals. Well, first of all, that is nice that the government is enforcing their laws, but why don’t they do this more often. Secondly, many of us are also guilty if hiring illegals to do yard work, interior cleaning, etc. What is the difference here?

What about the people that went thru the long process to become legal US residents and some, later on, going thru the long process to become US citizens? Is it right to NOW change the rules? Sometimes people appreciate things more if they have to work for them.

Why can Mexico and other counties have harsh immigration laws, which they enforce, and if we deicide to enforce our much milder ones, we’re called names.

This immigration issue is coming around again. I’d like to be more informed. I’d like to see the facts and figures of both sides. I’d like to have a honest and sincere conversation regarding this issue. Enlighten me.