Sad thoughts on the “Fiscal Cliff” deal

Poway Roger Poway Roger


Happy New Year to my fellow Rostrafarians!!!

I bring my sad thoughts on this pending “Fiscal Cliff” deal.

To all of us, do we really realize this is the result of our own actions? I’m not talking about those we elected, but what we expect from government and our own personal actions.

First of all, we like consumer debt. What does that mean? We like to buy now and pay later, which might mean sacrifices in the future, but we tend to forget that, or assume we can always wipe the slate clean by bankruptcy in the worst case.

Debt is a terrible disease and many of us are heavily addicted. Our elected officials see that and figure they can do the same. I see this in my church (commonly referred to as the “Mormons”) a lot, even while known for its fiscally conservative principles. Members make their tithe, but can’t afford to pay their debts. Who are we really servicing — Heavenly Father or the banks?

So government likes to promise and spend and not think about how to pay for it, just like many of us. We like all that government provides, but we fail to realize the cost of what we like. We, just as does government, live with the view, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

It is obvious government likes to spend, spend and spend, and its actions prove that. While government has continued to bloat, our actions show that we approve of it — we like to talk big but fail to act on our talk.

Now we come to a ratio of 41 to 1 in tax increases to spending cuts. Congress, the gutless wonders, doesn’t have what it takes to control spending. It doesn’t matter who is in power either. Congress could have addressed token reforms, such as drug testing to those who receive government assistance (if I must be drug tested to have employment, those who receive government aid should too).

But, no, it’s nearly all taxes and very little in reform. Not unlike most of us, putting off the hard decisions.

So my fellow Rostrafarians and travelers, face it, we’re the cause of this mess. Only by correcting our own ship will government know it must do the same.