Perverted Permitting Process?

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Don’t we love local politics, especially in small town Encinitas where the gloves ALWAYS come off!

This missive came into the magic inbox. The writer is a candidate for City Council, Julie Graboi, who indicates that she supports the current expensive and laborious permitting process be unaltered as it is a way to identify registered sexual offenders … Interesting logic … But she also makes a valid point in that her primary campaign challenger, fellow female Democrat Catherine Blakespear, a practicing attorney, represented the permit seeker and testified before the City Council re the claimed lack of impacts of having the business there, but without ever disclosing that the registered sexual offender was there or in any way affiliated with said enterprise. Is that cool in re transparency and full disclosure? Is that looking out for the community? Read it for yourselves and decide:

From the Smiling Spotlight Inbox:

The following are the comments I made to the Urban Agriculture Sub-Committee today, September, 29th, 2004. This is a very important community issue and I would appreciate my comments being published. They are as follows:

I’d like to make a few comments. The question before us today is, “Should the permit process be changed?”

My answer is, “NO!” Why would I say this? In the particular case of Coral Tree Farms, if there hadn’t been a permit process in place, it never would have been revealed that a registered sex offender, Kenneth Alton Hornback, lives adjacent to the property and is married to the sister of the farm owner, Laurel Mehl. My research indicates that the parcel Mr. Hornback is residing on is 595 Park Lane. and the address for Coral Tree Farms, is 598 Park Lane. This concerns me very much.

If the permit would have been allowed to take place, children could have been exposed to danger. It is my opinion that this information should have been disclosed at Wednesday’s hearing to the entire City Council.

Although Ms. Blakespear has been representing the farm for at least 5 months, either she knew this information and didn’t share it, or she didn’t know it. I am shocked that an experienced attorney would not have provided this information. There are 9 registered sex offenders in Encinitas, and this could happen again.

In closing, I agree with Planning Director Jeff Murphy that the permit process should remain in place. If you vote to change this, I will take this information to the Council and speak to it during Oral Communications since we must have a process that protects our children in the spirit of Megan’s Law.

Julie Graboi


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  1. Richard,
    Upon reading this I can’t help but notice one democrat candidate is trashing the other democrat candidate. I guess they, the dem’s, don’t have the Reagan rule re speaking ill…
    If we can’t reduce over regulations, let’s at least hope onerous regulation will save us from molester’s and that their legal rep’s want to represent the whole community and will exercises full disclosure.

  2. It appears that neither candidate gets it! While Graboi and Blakespear both support a tax and spend agendas, both are auguring about whether or not to protect parsley, potatoes or pedifiles.

    Note to Democratic Candidates:
    1. Stop raising my taxes
    2. I buy my vegetables at Von’s
    3. I don’t support pedifiles

  3. CORRECTION: When I said the balcony cost $8,000, I was talking about the cost of a city of San Diego PERMIT. The cost to build the balcony itself is another (and lower) cost.

  4. How about we try Pedophile? And, I agree with Julie on this. Just because 2 democrats are on the ticket, does not mean we all stick together when it comes to “lewd and lascivious acts on 14 year olds” And, that is what the perpetrator was charged with.

    As a psychologist of 25 years, I can share that the rate of recidivism for pedophilia is extremely high, and psychology has no good tools to help these people. So, when this was exposed, it got a lot of negative attention for Julie. That puzzles me. Coral Tree Farm likes to invite kids to learn how to grow veggies, etc. Fine by me. But when a pedophile is living next door, it occurs to me that there might have been a “kudos” to Julie, instead of demonizing her, as pretty much all of the people running, with the exception of Gaspar, have done. And, being silent, to me, is a form of a kudos.

    It is well known in Encinitas, that both Tony Kranz and Catherine Blakesper are the frontrunners as far as the Democrats who are running. I still think Gaspar will win, but that is off topic. Blakespear and Kranz were both endorsed by the Democratic party, of which I am a member. However, having said that, I have to wonder, why they endorsed either of them. Kranz supported Prop. A, and whether we like it or not, it passed. He then turned his back on it. Blakespear has not been actively engaged in much of anything in our turbulent community, except being on the Traffic Commission, which cancels about half its meetings. So, why when an active member of the community, like Julie Graboi ( Jerome can tell you how active she has been) gets demonized for sharing something I personally think parents should know, it seems strange to me, both as a parent and as well as a psychologist who knows it is almost impossible to treat this particular disorder.

    So, strange as this sounds, even to me, I think La Rostra has done a better job on this. Now, Jerome, if you say one mean thing to me, I will retract my whole statement:)

  5. To cut a long story short, I think I would have raised this point in a private setting if I’m Julie. Obviously there is validity to the point that this guy lives there. I have a lot of question on his tenure of residency, and obviously questions on the state of mind, but that’s a separate conversation. To me this is a non-partisan issue, regardless of affiliation, but when you are in a race for public office, and your opponent is an advocate for Coral Tree Farm, I think bringing up this issue at council brings up more questions than it answers.

    Now we have all sorts of drama about this guy on top of the farm. I think all of this could have been handled better behind closed doors as far as the discovery of this knowledge.

    That this issue is used as a Democrat on Democrat issue is pretty distateful. There should be no political football on this guy’s residency. I assume that neighbors were notified and that he’s allowed to live there, but obviously the kid issue at the farm comes into play.

    The fact that there is any comedy about the spelling above to me is beyond the pale. The whole thing is dirty pool if you used the topic against any candidate.

    And as far as seeing Richard Rider and Jerome Stocks both on the threads, I must remember all the times where Rider has outed Stocks as a raiser of pensions, so how he has any credibility on that score at this point is beyond me.

    All I know is this, we won’t see Stocks name on a ballot in Encinitas again, but we will be feeling the effect of that pension increase for decades to come…

  6. “The fact that there is any comedy about the spelling above to me is beyond the pale. The whole thing is dirty pool if you used the topic against any candidate.”

    The comedy about the misspelling wasn’t directed at a candidate. Beyond that, maybe have your sense of humor surgically reattached.

  7. Mr. Watson: You make the claim that this issue should have not been raised in a public forum, but a private forum? Is that correct? In fact, it was raised ,at first, in a private forum, and no one would touch it. I cannot imagine Ms. Blakespear, who is the pro bono attorney for Coral Farms, didn’t know, as the perpetrator is the brother in law of the owner of Coral Farms. And, Ms. Blakespear has young children. Did she not see it as a problem? And, yes the neighbors knew, as they were informed when he moved there, as is the law. When neighbors objected to the activities on the Farm, they knew he was there, but believed that this Council just wouldn’t care. Both Teresa Barth, Lisa Shaffer and Tony Krranz are all Blakespear supporters and probably already knew the problem, although I cannot testify to that fact as being true. What I do now is that this issue was brought forward by Julie Graboi for all of the “right” reasons.

    The 3 democrats on the current Council dislike Julie, as does Francine Busby, the Democratic Party Chair, who happens to live in Encinitas. No matter how hard anyone tried to share this information, it got no traction. So, finally, it was called to the attention of the City, via a CIty Council meeting, where Ms. Blakespear wanted Coral Tree to continue to do all things that they were not zoned for to do to begin with. Did Ms. Graboi want to do it that way. The answer is NO. But did she feel that people that take their small children to this farm should know, the answer is YES and I agree with her. I wish it could have been done differently as well. However, as this blog has already figured out, nothing is ever easy in Encinitas. How ironic that a relatively small beach community can be so devisive. Sometimes the issues seem petty. But when it comes to protecting children, in my opinion, it is not a Republican or an Democratic issue, it is a safety issue. And, Ms, Blakespear is on the Traffic and Safety Commission.

  8. “Doc Watson” hiding behind a fake name bravely shows his/her true colors when saying “Now we have all sorts of drama about this guy on top of the farm. I think all of this could have been handled better behind closed doors as far as the discovery of this knowledge.”
    Better handled “behind closed doors”. Way to embrace transparency, friend! It’s classic how cockroaches run for cover to hide from the light.

    Also, Jerome Stocks did indeed vote to increase pensions when the experts said it was affordable. I also later voted to reduce them below where they were when I took office when the financial picture changed.
    Cockroaches always forget to tell the whole story.

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