Pension Reform Ballot Measure Won Every Council District

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Will of the Voters Must Be Respected and Prop B Implemented

Prop B, the Pension Reform ballot measure not only passed resoundingly with 66% of the total vote, it also carried each of the nine San Diego Council districts.

The overwhelming victory comes as no surprise to the thousands of volunteers who worked tirelessly in every community collecting signatures to qualify the measure and who volunteered for the campaign.

Volunteers talked to Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are tired of their roads falling apart and closed libraries and were ready for reform.

It no longer matters if one was for or against Prop B.  It is our duty to carry out the clear will of the people and implement Pension Reform.  San Diegans will not stand for a replay of Prop C and the delaying tactics to implement managed competition.

Thank you again to Mayor Sanders for his leadership in this resounding victory and also to Council President Pro-Tem Kevin Faulconer for helping pass this important measure. This was a team effort and I am proud to have been a part of this historic partnership.

District results for Prop B below:

District 1: 74.0%

District 2: 68.0%

District 3: 56.2%

District 4: 51.9%

District 5: 76.6%

District 6: 67.8%

District 7: 68.5%

District 8: 56.3%

District 9: 53.8%

Special thanks to Vince Vasquez, Senior Policy Analyst from the National Public University System Institute for Policy Research for helping compile the data.


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