Supervisor Bill Horn backs probe of ACORN voter registration project

Jim Sills Jim Sills

Conservative county Supervisor Bill Horn is on-board with Governor Arnold’s plans to investigate ACORN California activities. Horn specifically wants to safeguard the democratic process at the polling place. In a statement issued today, Horn said: “If allegations of criminal acts, including slavery and human smuggling in San Diego County shown on news video by independent filmmakers are true, those responsible …

Sean Hannity shows ACORN San Diego Video on National TV.

Jim Sills Jim Sills

Sean Hannity delivered the goods tonight, with another shocking video. It allegedly shows a San Diego-based ACORN employee discussing how to assist child prostitution. In this case it is charged that meant a “dozen” girls ages 13 to 15. You can see a 1-minute sample at this link, and judge the facts for yourself:

The Turko Files Reports!!

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A project has been trying to get off the ground since the City purchased the property in 2001. It has caused two seperate CEQA lawsuits and cost over a million dollars to get through the environmental impact report and legal fees. What was the City proposing? A cement plant? A power plant? A smelting plant? Nope, nope, nope. The City …

We’re Conserving Too Much and Now We’re Gonna Pay

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You may have caught this article in today’s U-T regarding area water districts’ dilemma over the fact that San Diegans have taken their water conservation campaigns to heart. In some districts water usage is down 20 percent or more over the same period last year, causing water district revenues to fall accordingly. As such, many district managers say their boards …

9/11 – A Call to Action

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Remember how our country united after the 9/11 attacks?  Everyone’s individual recollection of that day is still vivid in our mind’s eye.   Now, eight years later we the people are fighting another attack – on our liberty.   Our spirit and our resolve as one nation that we espoused after the terrorists downed the Trade Center and hit the …