DeMaio Releases Budget Forecast

Erica Mendelson Carl DeMaio, Erica Mendelson 1 Comment

Councilmember Carl DeMaio released a budget forecast showing that the city cannot balance its budget even if it closed all libraries, eliminated all park and recreation programs, and imposed a Trash Tax of $60 million annually. At the City Council’s special meeting on the budget crisis today, DeMaio provided a powerpoint presentation depicting additional liabilities not included in the city’s official …

Success Breeds Spam

Thor's Assistant Rostra Administrator (Thor's Assistant) 2 Comments

Readers may have noticed the last couple of days a number of spam comments appearing on the posts here at San Diego Rostra.  These are auto-generated spams, typically with links to advertising.  We are removing them as quickly as we can, and working on a permanent fix.  Please bear with us as we work out some of the glitches.  Thanks …

Celebrate Richard Rider Day!

Vince Vasquez Vince Vasquez 1 Comment

The San Diego City Council just unanimously approved Councilmember Carl DeMaio’s proclamation of October 6th as Richard Rider Day in our City. For decades, Richard has been a tireless advocate for taxpayers in our community, and has demonstrated the core principles and convictions we need in our elected officials. Richard, your activism has been an inspiration to me and countless …

Sunday Hollywood: A Tale of Two Rapists

Barry Jantz Barry Jantz Leave a Comment

From my usually-entitled “Sunday San Diego” column on the FlashReport, how is it that Roman Polanski rates a “best of times” screenplay?