Celebrate Richard Rider Day!

Vince Vasquez Vince Vasquez 1 Comment

The San Diego City Council just unanimously approved Councilmember Carl DeMaio’s proclamation of October 6th as Richard Rider Day in our City. For decades, Richard has been a tireless advocate for taxpayers in our community, and has demonstrated the core principles and convictions we need in our elected officials. Richard, your activism has been an inspiration to me and countless …

Sunday Hollywood: A Tale of Two Rapists

Barry Jantz Barry Jantz Leave a Comment

From my usually-entitled “Sunday San Diego” column on the FlashReport, how is it that Roman Polanski rates a “best of times” screenplay? http://www.flashreport.org/blog0a.php?postID=2009100402472114&post_offsetP=0&authID=2005110112071864

Whitman Endorsed, Donated $4k to Boxer in ’03

Barry Jantz Barry Jantz 4 Comments

From my post at FlashReport… In the continuing saga of what some might describe as “Which Republican candidate’s history can top the others in the surprising category,” Carla Marinucci at the SF Chronicle has the news that Meg Whitman both endorsed and contributed big bucks to Senator Barbara Boxer in 2003. Absent from the Whitman spokesperson response in the article …

Duffy Scores Perfect with Labor Council

Greg Larkin Greg Larkin 9 Comments

Sheriff candidate Jim Duffy may have already staked his claim as the union candidate, scoring both the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and state PORAC endorsements. But, even those organizations over the years have backed candidates, including Republicans, with less than perfect labor credentials. It was very likely that the Labor Council would follow suit with an endorsement of Duffy, no doubt, …

Send Padilla Packing … Again!

Right Vu Right Vu 2 Comments

I find it interesting that Chula Vista’s former Port Commissioner, Mike Najera, was asked to resign due to his financial “instability”, only to replace him with Steve Padilla???? Is the Council crazy? Where were the questions to Padilla about his financial status and his recent foreclosure? Padilla was the most controversial and wasteful Mayor Chula Vista has ever had.  He …