Ouster of Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes in play

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From RNC National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, last night on Facebook

All Points Bulletins — a couple of action item posts for California Republicans:

1) I am asking fellow board members of the CAGOP to join me in calling for a new leader in the Republican Assembly Caucus. I am almost at the votes I need tonight to call a special meeting, which needs to take place in the immediate future. The Assembly is about to break for a recess, and there are several Assembly members ready to vote out the current leader, but they need support. I do NOT want to wait until after the recess which starts at the end of this week.

Monday’s vote and the resulting drama has already done enough damage to the morale of the party.

Do you know a CAGOP board member? If so, and you agree we need new leadership in the Assembly caucus, please call/text/email/IM your friendly board member and ask them to support my request. Some of them are wavering … it’s a controversial issue, and some folks don’t want to make waves. I won’t name names, but you can help by calling for the board to ACT on behalf of all delegates and make our views clear. This is a NOW action request. Thank you.

2) Second Action Request to all hands, California Republicans: many conservatives are rightly outraged at the Assembly Leader’s actions in not only voting for a bad bill on cap and trade, but also pressuring several of his colleagues to vote for the massive carbon tax scheme, and then taking a victory lap with the Democratic leadership and later comparing himself/his actions to Ronald Reagan. Nope.

The Assembly Republicans can vote for a new leader tomorrow — but they need to have the courage to defy their leadership and vote for someone with principles and integrity. Can you please text/email/IM/social media message your favorite Assembly Members and TELL THEM that Republicans in California support them and want them to elect a new leader. This cannot wait until after the break. What happened Monday was a shame and a debacle, but if Republicans don’t take action now to reclaim our integrity, more lobbyists and third house and party leaders talking out of both sides of their mouths will hold secret meetings and plot to keep him in his position. Please tell your friends in the Assembly Republican caucus that they must have the courage to do what is right. PLEASE DO THIS TONIGHT!!!! And keep doing it in the morning and keep it up until they announce a new leader this week. Thank you.


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    Update Thursday morning from Harmeet Dhillon…

    California Republicans: I got the support from enough board members this morning to have an emergency board meeting to discuss taking a position on Chad Mayes as Assembly Minority Leader. (Several board members ducked my calls/emails.) Unfortunately, Mayes called a caucus meeting and just emerged, declaring he is still the leader.

    Enjoy the recess, Chad — you won’t be leader for long. It’s too bad you have to drag down the party and your caucus for your own ego rather than doing the right thing and letting someone conservative lead who has their head in the right place.

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