Open Letter to Assembly Members Waldron, Voepel, and Maienschein: Remove Chad Mayes From Leadership

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How do you “punish” Republican elected officials who vote for new taxes? Remove them from leadership.

From Harmeet Dhillon, National Republican Committeewoman in California:

I can understand voting for a bill because you think it’s the right policy – even if it is bad, stupid policy and you clearly got the math wrong and made a poor deal. But in what political universe is it good leadership to bully your own caucus members into voting for a regressive tax, thereby providing cover for THREE target Democrats to not vote for the bill BECAUSE IT HURTS POOR PEOPLE IN THEIR DISTRICTS?!

That is a clear leadership #fail. What are the Assembly Republicans going to do about it? Follow the Pied Piper off a cliff? What’s next in your in boxes — talking points from George Schultz and Pete Wilson about how Ronald Reagan would have supported the repeal of Prop 13?

Time to take stock and consider whether you want a leader who stands for conservative principles, or the one you currently have. Time for a leadership change in the Assembly.

She’s right. It’s time to vote Chad Mayes out of leadership. Call Assembly Members Waldron, Voepel, and Maienschein today and ask them to lead the charge to remove Chad Mayes as the Republican Assembly Leader. His District might re-elect him but he should NOT be leading the Republican Caucus.


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