Oh, Universities are Fair and Not Ridden with Leftist Bias!

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Taken from NewsReal Blog-September 1st, 2010:

A study recently came out from my university, UC-San Diego, concluding that universities are not ridden by leftist bias. The study notes that campus characteristics—ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large universities—substantiate claims that campus conservatives gloat in their minority status and are quite comfortable with it. Bogus conclusions if you ask me!

I am quite familiar with Amy J. Binder’s fascination with conservative students at UCSD. Several of my conservative cohorts have had her as a professor and I was one of many conservative subjects for a senior thesis completed by a student who worked with her this past year. Interesting how the results came about, if you ask me. Every chance leftist professors get, they will seize the opportunity to deride conservatives with attempts to “acknowledge our concerns and feelings” with these studies. The study even goes on to reveal that one prominent conservative organization is “spreading disdain” by berating left-wing professors as propagandists, according to the “conservative students” studied. Why else would the organization exist if liberals were not brainwashing college students?

This study observed two universities with the following: the Eastern Elite (small leftist arts college) and Western Public (large university). Additionally, students concluded that although their professors were progressive, they had the utmost respect for them. Well, if anything, you must feign disregard for so-called liberal opinions, or else suffer ostracism by your peers…vBetter yet, you can stand up and defend conservative beliefs while shocking the Obama Zombies around you! I do not need a radical leftist professor telling me to feel normal and accepted when I feel the opposite. I had a professor praise Angela Davis as a humanitarian in a lecture focused on religion after the mess following the “Compton Cookout.” Others have shown pictures of Obama as the “Messiah”, have continually bashed President Bush, and have openly called conservatives “evil”. Dear socialist professors, might I ask that you kindly stop putting words in my mouth and in the mouths of other students whom you work against?

It is imperative to stand up to this misinformation coming from our universities. Enlist in the Horowitz Freedom Center’s “Adopt A Dissenting Book” campaign, vie for or enforce the Academic Bill of Rights, bring a conservative speaker to campus–for example–to get the REAL conservative word out.


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