Office of Equity and Racial Justice?

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We definitely have a character problem. We’re unable to self govern across a specter of occupations, but San Diego’s Reverend Shane Harris and County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar believe our character issues/sin can be addressed by — wait for it — more government and an empowered Office of Equity and Racial Justice.

I’d like to ask the Reverend how that worked out for Israel, which had God’s perfect law at Sinai? Please show me the law that will remove evil from a man’s heart. I think the Reverend confuses his biblical governments. It’s not the state government that reforms hearts. It’s family and church government that impact self government.

Our character and ability to self govern have been declining for generations because of a fascination with a civil government. Civil government and Supervisor Gaspar are not the solution. They are the problem.

It is state government operating outside its limited role of defending natural rights that is responsible for the declining health of the family and the church, as well as the corresponding destruction of our character and ability to self govern.

These two biblical governments are being systematically destroyed by a growing state government. Supervisor Nathan Fletcher wants to redistribute $1,100,000 from families to the cause. Rev. Harris and Supervisor Gaspar? They want to redistribute even more. Harris is suggesting $5,000,000.

So that’s the theology of Rev. Harris? Families need to increase their tithe to the state? Who’s his LORD again? What the Reverend’s theology doesn’t appear to comprehend is that his political OS is the cause of our deteriorating character — unlimited government.

How about limiting government so property (power, influence, security) remains with our smallest minority — the individual? How about a theology more consistent with historical Christianity? One that protects the family and church from further loss of power to the state? 

Character issues in a just society are addressed by the biblical governments of self, family and church, not the state. These are institutions Rev. Harris’s theology doesn’t appear qualified to address.

When the jurisdiction of the state grows beyond defending freedom it necessarily encroaches on the institutions God ordained for building character. It does so at the expense of self government, family government and church government. These are the institutions God has ordained to create character.

Let me guess. The Reverend also wishes more property be redistributed for state education? Does he promote “social justice “ as well? The anti-biblical idea that removes justice from its biblical context in exchange of a definition that denies “all men created equal” and “endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights”?

The assumption here is that Reverend Harris ‘reveres’ the precepts revealed in Scripture (i.e. all men created equal, 8th Commandment/property rights, family government, immorality of the initiation of force, etc…)

The Doctrine of Depravity doesn’t cease to work when an individual is elected ‘County Supervisor’ or becomes ‘Reverend’. They actually become more dangerous to our community when their ideas about law and theology don’t mature alongside their new responsibilities. I grow concerned when Reverends and Magistrates aren’t looking to transcendents but instead point to man.

Do we think Reverend Harris, Supervisors Fletcher and Gaspar’s newly empowered “Office of Equity and Racial Justice” will bring reform? Not going to happen. The laws governing our character as well as the number of sides on a triangle will continue to operate outside their jurisdiction.

“Some plans for social organization will fail regardless of how well they are carried out because the plans violate the basic laws of human interaction.” –Gene Callahan,

Carry on.


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