Oceanside Recall

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Signs, signs, damn my eyes the hideous signs! Both the pro and anti recall organizations have coated Oceanside in similar signs. Most of them are in the public right of ways, but the number in yards looks to be growing.

For much of the race thus far the union goons dominated the streets. I’m hearing that some of them are actually wearing ‘fake’ costumes that look like their uniforms, to get around the prohibition on wearing their uniforms while campaigning (which I understand is actually a crime, by the way). Over the last few weeks though people are saying that there has been a dramatic increase in the ‘anti’ street campaign. Maybe it’s just me but I think in these local campaigns you gotta have your door to door program running strong!

Looks like Councilman Rocky Chavez, who has or is about to accept a Governor’s appointment, will do the right thing and stay on the council instead of resign. The rumor during the first part of the week was that Chavez was going to resign, and throw the council into turmoil yet again.

Frankly, I think the three member GOP majority on the Council got themselves into the fix they now find themselves. At any time they could have, with three votes, passed paycheck protection. Then the unions wouldn’t have the money to do what they are doing right now. Let this me a hint to other Republican dominated cities: the firefighters are out of control and have a ton of money. It could be YOU next.


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  1. Check that, four-member GOP majority. Jim Wood just isn’t as batshit crazy as the KFC remainder. And, word is, Rocky is ready to start his new gig later this month. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, buddy!

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