Obama’s EO is about politics not gun violence

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CNN had a big staged town hall last night. The Executive Order has a number of provisions that try to make selling harder and expands background checks. San Diego politicians posted their reactions.

The thing is, none of these measures will likely have an impact. Of course, there is no objective and success criteria to evaluate the executive order either. But it’s feeding the public need to “just do something.” You don’t have to have a plan or a real solution “just do something” so we can check the block and move to another topic. Meanwhile, public safety and self-defense gets limited. It’s a sad state of affairs.

But this is only part of the problem. This Executive Order was pushed not with gun violence in mind but November 2016. Congressman Peters mentioned that the Executive Order addresses what conservatives have been saying – enforce the law on the books and keep it out of the hands of the mentally ill. And there you have it. The executive order is about the election. With 67% backing the executive order was built to score points. It’s to put GOP candidates on the defensive to oppose measures gun owners have been saying after each tragic shooting. Even though this EO with its expanded checks and limitations don’t address how recent shooters acquired weapons. Once again the President has politicized gun violence.

Elliot Schroeder is a past Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego.


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  1. “With 67% backing the executive order was built to score points. It’s to put GOP candidates on the defensive to oppose measures gun owners have been saying after each tragic shooting.”

    Why would Republican candidates feel obligated to oppose measures that gun owners favor?

  2. I might be missing the point of this article. It seems to be saying that it is political to institute an Executive Order that the majority of Americans agree with?

  3. Chris:

    Do you believe it appropriate for an Executive Order to be instituted anytime the president believes he clearly has a majority on an issue?

  4. Spin Zone,

    Do you believe it is appropriate for Congress to ignore what a clear majority of the public wants?

  5. Would it not be fun to see Donald Trump in the audience at Obama’s last state of the Union address to suck the press and oxygen away from him. I’m going to call my congressman to invite him.

  6. Post

    Looking at is as a push/pull situation, we can’t say the public wants it when really it was pushed and because many don’t get the details and like that its “doing something” that they went for it. It’s true a lot of people and current gun owners won’t be affected by it which makes it more palatable. Doesn’t mean its what people wanted.

    What’s popular and what affects only a few doesn’t make anything right. I won’t pull up distant history but Prop 8 which was popular, only affected a few, and more than an EO, was voter approved but was over turned as wrong. Same is easily argued here.

    Besides the effects I mentioned. Obama has only pushed Gun Owners away from him and the Democratic party. He’s gambling that the masses are turning away from gun owners. He actually could have done more to address Gun Owner concerns, specifically confiscation, instead of just shaking them off to Anderson Cooper as a crazy conspiracy idea. Instead they opt to demonize the NRA and push through their own stuff. You know, what they accuse the GOP of doing all the time.

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