North Korea’s Kim Jong-il has nothing on Encinitas!

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If a fairly creepy “Cult of Personality” is what you’re into, there’s no need to go to North Korea because we have our own right here in San Diego County. Just look to Encinitas where some artists want to plaster 101 banners with the likeness of a recently deceased city council woman and hang them on light posts along public right of way on Hwy 101.

Respect for the dead is appropriate, but should any official anywhere in this country, living or deceased, be emblazoned throughout their community? Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong il, Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin couldn’t be more proud!

Thankfully the Encinitas Mayor and City government unblinkingly pointed out that this was not consistent with public policy and the permit requests were withdrawn, but the kvetching goes on.  Check out the Channel 10 story:

Do we think these nice local Encinitas folks would be so bent out of shape if the denied banners featured the likeness of Ronald Reagan? Or have some simply lost all perspective?


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  1. This is crazy crackpot stuff…
    The deceased Councilwoman was an interesting personality who had the ability to talk pretty nutty but usually vote rationally, and many folks appreciated her. But saying she was the biggest art supporter in a city of 65,000 people is just stupid. Just where does Channel 10 get their reporters from? That’s crazy. Also, the final image in the video isn’t even of Houlihan, it’s of some lady who declared herself a candidate for 2012 election in Encinitas…

  2. This little ditty is simply horrid- comparing gentle deceased Maggie to hitler no less. She was a fine person, much more depth than a simple councilmember. She dedicated herself to animals, the environment and keeping Encinitas a quality place to live. And guess what? She lived in Encinitas..Hitler, Regan and the ilk did not. Shame on you for really slaying this woman’s fine character with these cheap shots.

  3. What is horrid is someone having such an aversion to Mr. Stocks that they would purposely — or out of an inability to read — suggest that his blog post says anything even close to comparing Houlihan to Hitler. It doesn’t and not one other person has suggested so, or complained in any way about the entry, which has been up for about five days. We’d suggest you TRY to read it again.

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