No on Prop D Campaign Announces Website Launch and Kickoff Event

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The No on Prop D campaign has officially launched its website – and has announced a campaign kickoff event for August 25.

The website is at  In addition to providing information on why San Diegans should vote against Prop D, the website asks San Diegans to sign a “petition against higher taxes.”  

On August 25th, the campaign will formally kickoff with a large event at Coles Fine Flooring. The kickoff event boasts a host committee of over 80 civic leaders – drawing from a broad spectrum of San Diego’s communities.  A full copy of the event flier can be accessed here.

“Prop D would raise the city’s sales tax to bailout city politicians that have failed to fix the city’s financial problems,” commented Carl DeMaio. 

“Prop D would only add more burdens to San Diego’s families and businesses which are already struggling,” added Kevin Faulconer.

The two council members are working with a growing coalition of taxpayer, business, and civic groups to defeat the sales tax. 

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