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No on Prop 41: The State of California Can’t Be Trusted

Proposition 41 seeks to address the problem of homlessness among veterans and that is a noble pursuit.  It authorizes $600 million of already approved (but unissued) housing bonds to be issued, with the proceeds to be repurposed for the construction of multi-family housing units for low-income and homeless veterans and their families.  It is endorsed by by both political parties, The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and most major dailies including the UT-San Diego.

I recommend that this proposition be defeated because I asked this question:

Should we trust the same people who gave us the crazy train with this task? 

The State of California is a horrible steward of public monies.  It rarely comes in on budget, belittles and defames its critics, and operates with impunity for the citizens.  In my opinion, this $600 million project will turn into a $2 billion project and those who would ask for accountability will be demagogued.

This project is less than $20 per California citizen.  Public spending is money which is forcibly taken from free people for a common goal.  The question is not whether this goal is a legitimate role of government; it is.  Providing for the men and women who serve to protect this nation is one of the few roles we delegate to our government but this government, specifically the State of California, has proven to squander public monies.

If the proposal was to issue these bonds and give the proceeds to the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, I’d get behind it in a heartbeat.  Both organizations would watch those public funds like hawks and execute the mission flawlessly.  But those organizations are laser-focused to achieve objectives– the bureaucracy just sees another boondoggle and jobs patronage for its supporters.

I recommend NO on PROPOSITION 41.  The State of California can’t be trusted to get the job done.

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