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No On D Puts On A Really Big Show

Having big funding for a campaign is dandy. But when you’re being outspent by the opposition, creativity must step in and take over.

In the case of the campaign against Proposition D, San Diegans Against Government Waste doesn’t have the funds to make the big television ad purchase like the labor union funded campaign in favor of the sales tax. The Yes side’s ads have been running for weeks.

Sure, you can put your ad up on YouTube, and the campaign has done so.

But why stop there when you can show it two stories high? The No on D crew got its hands on the biggest Jumbotron this side of the Super Bowl, and put on a little road show.  Take a look at the results. It attracted plenty of news coverage.

It also attracted a few onlookers in a fire truck. Boys don’t like it when someone else’s toys are bigger than theirs. Huh.

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