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National Honor for San Diego’s John Wainio …. “Tax Man” mailer in North County race Rated ‘Top 3 in USA’ by “Campaigns & Elections” Magazine.

San Diego political consultant John Wainio got good news this week from Campaigns & Elections magazine (the Bible of the Election Biz).   His “Tax Man” mailer is one of 3 National finalists for “Best Mail Piece” of 2010 in two categories.  The flyer kids candidate Steve Gronke for votes to raise fees in Vista,  comparing him to the subject of George Harrison’s famous song.  Aiding Wainio in creating the piece were Tish Sjoberg of Planet Grafix (Graphic Design), and Jim Sills of SD Rostra (creative contributions) …..Hey, that’s Me!

……….More  About  this  Competition

The ‘Tax Man’ mailing is one of 3 National finalists for (a) Best Direct Mail (Republican, county level) and (b) Best Advocacy direct mail, both in the annual national awards  sponsored by Campaigns and Elections magazine.   The ultimate winners will be announced on February 4 at a banquet in our Nation’s Capitol.

John Wainio is a San Diego consultant with 20 years’ experience.  With wife Lacee, he has  operated “The San Diego Group” firm since 1995. Tish  Sjoberg is a skillful graphic artist whose clear-cut talents are obvious in this project. Ms. Sjoberg was remarkably patient as this brochure progressed through many revisions to its final successful form.

Candidate Steve Gronke lost  in North County’s 5th Supervisorial district to Bill Horn by a 10,000-vote margin on November 2, 2010.  Congratulations to both John Wainio and Tish Sjoberg for this well-deserved recognition by their professional peers.  Modulated congratulations to Jim Sills for the same reason.


Jim Sills is a  political consultant. Want to know more about your future in San Diego and California elections?  You can contact Jim at this e-mail address:

He has aided the campaigns of Rep. Darrell Issa, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton, Sens.  Joel Anderson & Tony Strickland, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, & Assessor/Recorder Greg Smith, among many others, in California and beyond.

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